Took some time today to make a little fanart for one of Steems apps that I feel and have always felt has a lot of promise.


Recently they had a major update which integrated a wallet for their APX token which is their own PoB token that you get rewarded in their app.

Appics was actually the first company in line to create an SMT when Steemit announced it years ago. Currently they've been able to get the ball rolling by using a SE token so it'll be interesting to see where things go when SMT's at long last are fully released.

I'm hoping the community shows the app and the users of the app a lot of love. If you're butthurt about the format, that's a problem with Steemit, not that user. Communities should fix this, but in the meantime they've been doing what so many proclaim they want done. This post by @soldier shows where she's onboarded users that have around a million followers on other platforms. Some post regularly so show them some love so they have a good experience here and invite their friends and followers.

Obviously if they come here and get flagged for doing literally nothing wrong, they are going to leave and never come back. I know, I know, consensus, it's not yours until the end of the seven days, yada yada, just use some common sense though. Ask yourself...

Will the action I'm about to take move Steem closer to the goals that we as a community share or push us farther away from it? Then act accordingly, it's not rocket science. Anyway, even though I've kept a close eye on Appics this whole time I don't really use it, but I'm going to start from time to time. I can just edit my post afterward so it works across the board I think, we'll find out with this post.

So go download Appics if you haven't already and let's celebrate those that are doing good for Steem.

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  • @stackin

    Mannn, I’m lovin’ Appics! I’m going to be USING them more often! 😎

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  • @agent

    Looks great! Thank you for this!

  • @sirwinchester

    First, I saw this picture on the appics app and then I read the whole post on steemit - thank you for your support and for sharing your feedback! We've been a fan of steem's technology from the start, and I agree that we can contribute to the steem ecosystem by onboarding mainstream users and social media influencers. Looking forward to more APPICS posts from you!

  • @soyrosa

    I still have to start using the renewed app! But am excited to do so, I've always really enjoyed making quick photo posts and we need more casual content (as well as high quality ;-)) on Steem.

  • @ryivhnn

    Are people still getting butthurt over the differing formats? Is there any point recommending SteemPeak to those people do they can block the tags of whatever they don’t like?

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