Our Thoughts : Supporting 20+ Witness @justinsunsteemit : HIVE Punishment

Help us @justinsunsteemit for supporting 20+ Witness

I am coming directly on matter. I am asking you @justinsunsteemit to help us for supporting your witnesses by voting 20 witnesses (those runs version 22.5). I am agree with your thoughts and commitment towards steemit/steem @steemitblog. I know whatever going in steemit from one months and supported your witnesses ; What we received for supporting you : They just blocked us from HIVE airdrop.

What can you do for steemians like me?

What type of support will you give to us? I am waiting for your reply, whatever you think about this matter. Please reply with that. I am blindly following you at steemit.


My introduction at steemit for your understanding

I am here from more than 2 years (from INDIA) and seen many things at steemit and crypto space. I have invested lots of my hard earn money in steem at different rates 4$, 1.8$, 0.5$, 0.26$, 0.16$ etc. I have approx 28 thousand SP in my account and repo 76.98.

I am blacklisted by @buildawhale because of not accepting their thoughts and rules. The @buildawhale blacklist is run by @themarkymark. My thoughts are not matching with @themarkymark. I am ignoring it and continuing my working at steemit without thinking about downvotes. I have received many downvotes here but I never complaint for that to those steemians, because they have the rights to like or unlike. I have never downvoted any steemian (almost Zero) because I don't like free downvotes and their thinking may differ from me.

From one month I have been watching the things and did not like the softfork for blocking your account by old witnesses. Afterwords you take the lead and make your top 20 witnesses. I like the things and supported your 20 witnesses because old witnesses are doing wrong practice by blocking your account. I 100% disagree with their thought, and supported your witnesses and make a post for this https://steemit.com/steemit/@mehta/who-put-the-first-slap-justin-sun-steemit-community and ask others to support you. And one fellow steemian @chetanpadliya comes on your support and proxy me for witnesses. He is also a more than 2 years old steemian. He is also blocked for HIVE airdrop for supporting you.

I want to know your thoughts on this matter. Is this things done by them is rights with us or not? Can you supports us by any means?

I am eagerly waiting for your reply......... @justinsunsteemit

The list of effected Steemians account. They could also explain their feeling in comments better How they feel after HIVE........? @ben, @bitdev100, @geos, @goku1, @hkdev404, @imadev, @joe767676, @misterdelegation, @steem, @steemit, @steemit2, @steemit3, @steemit4, @steemit5, @steemit6, @steemit7, @steemitadmin, @timothy2020, @steemitblog, @goodguy24, @aheadofslow, @night11pm, @hunger365, @waitforyou1, @cloudysun, @jumphigh, @coronashallgo, @paintingclub, @bostonawesome, @toke2049, @flyingfly1, @agirl10000, @eastooowest, @car2001, @nicetry001, @high46, @respect888, @poloniex, @cjsdns, @sigizzang, @sct.wallet, @virus707, @pacemaker, @sct.voter, @sct.bank, @goku1, @joe767676, @stablewon, @imadev, @stevoperon, @friendlystranger, @richwings, @sj-jeong, @jaydih, @wisdomandjustice, @omit, @geos, @we-together, @photoholic, @steemhunt, @talkative-bk, @rhodium, @dobartim, @razer7, @dodoim, @flysky, @remain, @coreabeforekorea, @sct.krwp, @goodnewworld, @double-u, @bukio, @cyberrn, @sonki999, @spinbunny, @steemex, @francium, @sjgod4018, @lucky2015, @jayplayco, @fur2002ks, @cancerdoctor, @walktoheaven, @coininstant, @brent1042, @bencana0523, @smallpusher, @glory7, @ppomppu, @vingroup, @freegon, @happybelly, @stimp1024, @truce, @steemzzang, @jsg, @lichtblick, @inchonbitcoin, @ssc-token, @cjh, @veronicalee, @uzgo, @kibumh, @btcmillennial, @labradorpuppies, @cnfund, @floridasnail, @rakkasan84, @cool191, @honusurf, @ricky.gold, @ilovemylife, @loveecho, @djusti, @john371911, @opixer, @happyworkingmom, @koyuh8, @tradingideas, @windowglass, @ksc, @ioioioioi, @skuld2000, @justyy, @seo-boss, @twinpapa, @sandisk, @kwonjs77, @kimseun, @happyberrysboy, @cmp2020-pb, @jewel-lover, @donekim, @greece-lover, @sct, @smy, @gallop, @sindong, @thegreatgatsby, @j-car, @isaaclab, @wonsama, @naha, @jjy, @goodhello, @trevonjb, @lhy, @zzings, @remlaps1, @aidasfg7, @ediya, @kanadaramagi123, @nexgen, @tabris, @sindoja, @spoke, @project7, @kopasi.sct, @ayogom, @wondumyungga, @dongsuh, @machellin, @sun510, @corn113, @newiz, @holic7, @parisfoodhunter, @realmankwon, @menerva, @hodolbak, @electrodo, @ys1302, @buk-translate, @bongje, @rynow, @solnamu, @fenrir78, @ringit, @lighthil, @seraphim502, @mooninwater, @kgbinternational, @gustavomonraz, @shenchensucc, @yoon, @jacobyu, @jademont, @ultranew, @bigwave, @soosoo, @docker, @sct.curator, @tworld, @devsup, @edgarare1, @jaykayw, @hyokhyok, @freedompoint, @banguri, @juancar347, @kcc, @triplea.bot, @tailcock, @jungjunghoon, @infidel1258, @maiyude, @honeybeerbear, @kingbit, @jungch98, @deer3, @atomy1, @epitt925, @relaxkim, @venti, @funtraveller, @skymin, @dmsqlc0303, @softmetal, @dorian-lee, @cmp2020, @angelslake, @alexaventuria, @wordit, @gmarket, @jack8831, @mrspointm, @feelsogood, @foreveraverage, @kibaek, @totopapa, @isi3, @kstop1, @vip, @storysharing, @hhusaini, @sklara, @balticbadger, @tshering-tamang, @mrpointp, @sasaadrian, @kbaek81, @angelina6688, @abdullar, @yinyangboobookat, @maikuraki, @jianan, @aellly, @proxy.token, @steemflower, @jjm13, @levycore, @firealiean, @peterpa, @lucky2, @travelwithus, @cub1, @yellowbird, @ravenkim, @sunny1124, @dr-frankenstein, @soufiani, @autorent, @xiaoshancun, @cheva, @yann03, @sweetpapa, @goplayer, @gfriend96, @wongshiying, @thebigsweed, @iieeiieeii, @tkdgjs79, @banjjakism, @huangzuomin, @farm-mom, @akiroq, @travelnepal, @kdtkaren, @kungdel, @reportup, @matildah, @blacklux, @dappinvestor, @kopasi, @anroja, @sgbonus, @lupafilotaxia, @dakeshi, @dftba, @stepbie, @mimistar, @sleepcat, @remlaps-lite, @chapchop, @ricko66, @eps, @lucky222, @cn-malaysia, @deusjudo, @kakakk, @abduhawab, @dailystats, @zzan.hmy, @steemchiller, @ryanhkr, @remlaps, @lotusfleur, @backdm, @devyleona, @daydayup, @bulsik, @tuckerjtruman, @lifeskills-tv, @norwegiansteem, @yanirauseche, @newbijohn, @trueimagine, @zzan.witnesses, @brewcitygardener, @wira8788, @dailyke20, @tinker-bell, @pizzafamily, @don-thomas, @knight4sky, @rainingfall, @dailychina, @akinome, @lovelyyeon, @zzan.atomy, @palja, @ksheva1, @fadetoblack, @autoway

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  • @innerhive





  • @trevonjb

    Don’t worry about the airdrop. It will be dead in a few weeks. I’m on the blacklist and I’m sticking with steem. But I do think Justin should do something for us taking the bullet for him.

  • @foreveraverage

    To be honest, it was just a reaction against people spamming me to vote for wittnesses non stop. I had no Idea what was going on at the time, I just got triggered upon oblivion from messages while I was trying to get work done. As I understand there will be some sort of proposal system for excluded account to explain themselves. Let's be mature about the matter and build bridges rather than blowing them up :)

  • @chetanpadliya

    Why this post is not visible on steemit?