The New Normal


I'm glad to see you are dressed at least.

El Jefe smirked on my screen.

As part of the Covid-19 mass panic, everyone in our office was working from home. El Jefe had decided to rouse the morale of his troops by dropping in via video call to everyone under his command.

Now it was my turn.

Yes, indeed. I had a bit of trouble choosing which underpants to wear but eventually settled on the red ones with the chillis on them.

I smiled in return at my most illustrious boss.

El Jefe grimaced like a young boy eating over-boiled carrots at the thought of my magnificent walloper sheathed in chilli designs.

I wondered if he liked it spicy?

Right, enough of the pants talk. We aren't going down that road again.

El Jefe looked away to the side before snapping his face back to the screen.

He looked to be in a kitchen.

Inwardly, I snorted. Amateur. Working from home in a kitchen indeed.

He should take a leaf out of my book and perch himself in front of a bookcase or two. That is how you do it. It lends a certain gravitas when video conferencing even if half the books on the shelf behind my head seem to be about vaginas and womanhood.

It is important that we don't lose focus. Even in these trying times. Have you got enough work to do?

El Jefe made a munging kind of face.

Yes, Boss Man. I have plenty to be getting on with. Have no fear on that score.

I sighed and waved a notebook in the general area of the screen.

Ok. And you have managed to get enough done, working from home? This is the new normal for the foreseeable future. It is important that we support you to continue to be productive. To give you the right tools at the right time you need them.

El Jefe's eyes were fixed off to the side again.

I had a funny feeling he was reading from a script.

Yes, Boss-man. I have actually been very productive. In fact, I have found myself getting loads done.

I smiled reassuringly at the Jefemeister.

Ok. If you need me for anything just call me. Ok?


Ok, bye.


I disconnected the call. The sheer volume of Ok's were making my left testicle ache.

I nodded happily to myself. El Jefe had nothing to fear on the productivity front. I was getting loads done. The bolognese was simmering, my bread was baking in the oven and I had managed a solid half-hour of Guitar practice.

I could get used to this.

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  • @slobberchops

    books on the shelf behind my head seem to be about vaginas and womanhood.

    The times I have seen those books on the shelf while you are vlogging us about a 1/10 Booms beer that tastes like swine-water.. and I never zoomed in to take a closer look!

  • @pocket-change

    FLAGGED FOR POOR QUALITY AND EXCESSIVE UPVOTES... ATTENTION @steemflagrewards and @trafalgar... March 19, 2020... 4.1 Hollywood Time...

  • @azircon

    Damn! I hate working from home! I am still trying to be out and about but they are not only closing my favorite curry places but also every damn sitting areas!

    World War Z must be real! That's all I am saying!

  • @dreemit

    Zoe made the long drive up the coast from Georgia yesterday, her mall shut down for '10' days, but she's getting paid even if it extends...she hasn't had more than 2 days off in a row in over a year and being the store manager works a lot of 12 hour days- needless to say she is not boohooing over the circumstances at the moment 😆


  • @abh12345

    I have a pair or two with a selection of fruits and vegetables - aren't we the cool kids!?

    The books, and especially the play-doh pots, gratitas maximus!

  • @por500bolos

    I disconnected the call. The sheer volume of Ok's were making my left testicle ache.

    Hahaha a pretty funny post @meesterboom. I've been LoLing all the way until the end. But that "left testicle ache" remark simply was too much as to think to stop the laughter to breath again a little.

    I suspect you must be more dangerous than Covid-19 on this regard. ;p

  • @dswigle

    Oh, if I could only work from home!!! Some kids get all the luck! I am sure you miss El Jeffe and hope you get back to work soon!

    Some of the Restaurants are offering free delivery for a while.

    All I can think is that if you won't come to their place and get the coronavirus, they will bring it to you!

    Glad you are safe at home and you need to take a walkabout down to the liquor store so you don't get thrombosis.

    Upped and Steemed


  • @old-guy-photos

    Welcome to my world. Its not too bad. The days fly by anyways...

  • @ryivhnn

    J and a few of his workmates were saying they were never going back in to work as they're loving working from home XD
  • @anneke

    I have been teaching online and working from home for 7 years now - if you think about it, with the technology, most jobs can be done from home , but the bosses like keeping the herd together, One of the best things is I have not seen my boss in almost 2 years hahaha

  • @cloudspyder

    The new normal is horrible.