Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?


Hey what's up with you, Pikachu?

The Good Lady asked as she bustled into the lounge and saw me sitting at my laptop with a face that looked as if I had been eating the jellied eels again.

psss wsss weoooo...

I said in a tiny whisper.

What?! What are you mumbling about? Speak up for god's sake?!

The Good Lady said in a stern voice she usually saved for the hokey-pokey.

Steemit is forking on Friday, the new fork is called Hive and lots of people are all going to move over there.

I said miserably.

Hive? What? like our central heating?

She barked whilst fixing me with a narrowed left eye.

No, not the central heating, Steemit! It is moving to another platform called Hive!

I yelled a little belligerently.

Steemit? Moving to a different platform? Like, who gives a fuck? There's real shit going on in the world.

The Good Lady made a smumfing face and cocked a hand on her hip exasperatedly. She had never been a fan of the Steemi.

Well, everyone is going there.

I said in a small voice.

So. You go there too then. Boom. Problem solved.

The Good Lady shook her head as if it were some washing straight from the machine.

But it's not solved. See everyone will follow the shouty folk to Hive and then they will post about Hive and how amazing it is and how there are glad that they are finally decentralised and...

Decentralised? Why would anyone care about that? I thought it was a blogging site?

The Good Lady interrupted.

Oh my god, sshhhh!!

I leapt from my chair and dragged the Good Lady down to the floor, frantically looking from side to side.

You can't say that. If they hear you say that they will kill you.

I whispered urgently in her ear.

The Good Lady shook me off and stood up dusting herself down.

For goodness sake, isn't all this just a tad dramatic? If you want to go to this busy beehive then go. If you don't then don't.

She made to leave but I reached up and grabbed her hand.

You don't understand. I write stories. Funny stories. And I drink beer. That's it. But all the new place will be about is how good the new place is and how shit Steemit is. It will be Hive this, Hive that and little more. I worry that there won't be room for actual content that real people want to read..?

I tugged at her hand as if that would make her understand.

She pulled it away.

I think you are making a mountain out of a molehill. As I said, stay or go. It is as simple as that.

She turned and walked to the kitchen.

But if I stay they will call me a Commie and a Traitor?

I whispered.

But she was already out of earshot.

I shook my head.

And don't even get me started on the amount of Cross posting that will be going on by people not wanting to actually miss out on magic internet money!

Get the buzz and come to Hive

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  • @shanibeer

  • @cryptoandcoffee

    I am not looking forward to all the drivel we are about to receive come this next week or so. Hive is so great blah blah blah. I know you are going to look for Honey beers this week as you can't resist that as it kinds of fits in.

  • @penderis

    The people will decide for you, for the most part. It is not black and white blood in the streets for the majority. Crossposting, in the beginning, is a sensible thing, it is "keeps going without skipping a beat". What will make things clearcut is the actions of justin and whether the dapps and interfaces and witnesses drop steemit completely instead of also "crossposting". If they do not choose then no users will choose, and we will just be disgruntled kids that need to remember not to speak good of steemit on hive and not to praise hive on steemit. I don't think to an average user anything would change other than noticing where they spend the most time as it all becomes the new norm. Basically "you do it your way then"

  • @gardenlady

    Also not sure what to do altho I haven't been posting AT ALL lately. Kinda bored of the whole thing....But I agree, new HIve posts will be as you say. Reminds me of when I started posts about gardening how-to and know-how back in May 2016!! Peeps accused me of cat-fishing (lol, I didn't even know what that meant...I really am an old dinosaur (according to people younger than 30 ;0)

  • @anneke

    I must admit- and I guess I must be shy about it - I have no idea what is going on - apparently I do not read enough or care enough about adults fighting over who knows what - so I guess I will stay until someone tells me what to do haaha. Have never understood anything about this whole steemit thing. I am with the good lady - there are way worse things that this.

  • @old-guy-photos

    Boom I am going to be doing so much copying, I am buying stock in Xerox πŸ˜‚

  • @fenngen

    I leapt from my chair and dragged the Good Lady down to the floor, frantically looking from side to side.

    You can't say that. If they hear you say that they will kill you.

    Brilliant πŸ˜‚


  • @carapthian

    Your little funny story is hitting the nail on the head in my view. My key thing is the content and recently the vast majority of the content has been boohoo Justin, hostile takeover content. There where the content will go is there where the majority of the people will end up. Exiting times ahead, we will see what will be the outcome..

  • @whatsup

    I see no reason to choose right off the bat.

    this was never my fight.

    My choices are still - Both, one or the other, or Neither.

    Both sides had things they could have done better.

  • @slobberchops

    I write stories. Funny stories. And I drink beer. That's it.

    It is.., I write about falling through floors to my death.. there's no hope.. none for either of us!

  • @por500bolos

    For goodness sake, isn't all this just a tad dramatic? If you want to go to this busy beehive then go. If you don't then don't.

    Do you wear a mohawk or an afro anymore Mr. Boom? };)

  • @gavvet

    On point as usual! Similar yard, new dogs in charge.

  • @abh12345

    Double the magic internet money for you Boomy, do not worry about your content - It will shine wherever.

    Imagine if you paid 40 SBD a month to dive tirelessly into a copy of one chains data, and then another appeared. Big fat CBA at present for me!

  • @davedickeyyall

    Hive thought about it and decided to do both.. after all it's magic internet money. Similar to the magic government money..

  • @eii

    And stay and go @meesterboom.

    !BEER for you

  • @kus-knee

    So what did you decide? Double posting and see what happens. He’s wait Triple posting onto Tron too! WOW!

  • @galenkp

    Hey Commie, I'll be there, so there'll be some content that's not HIVE related...I know fuck all about that stuff so can't write much about it...I'll do a few posts about that time I decided to become a nudist, but not in a nudist colony, that'll cheer you up. Stay tuned. I have photos.

  • @pocket-change



    ATTENTION @steemflagrewards...

    March 19, 2020... 1.7 Hollywood Time...

  • @azircon

    Should she stay? Should she go? But YES!!! The hippopotamus!!!”

    But not the Armadillo!!

  • @bagofincome

    Bzzz..flying to Hive. Tomorrow will be mine!

  • @ryivhnn

    Did you just conflate steem and steemit? [raises daggers]

    Nope can't look menacing when I'm too busy laughing at what a drama llama you are XD

    I'm really, really hoping that people aren't dumb enough to rave about how awesome hive is looking for upvotes but I won't find out as I won't be looking at trending anyway and will be actively avoiding gush posts x_x
  • @sgt-dan

    Once again an extremely entertaining post. I had a very good laugh and am not known for being one that heartily laughs often!


    My favorite line has to be...

    But if I stay they will call me a Commie and a Traitor?

    Whatever you decide to do, I will still be a fan of your satirical short stories. They are wonderful!

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