Beers and Rainbows


Saturday wouldn't be saturday without some beer but before I managed to get my hands on some, the Good Lady accosted me about the Coronavirus situation.

Daddy-Bear, all the parents are helping their kids with Rainbows as a symbol of hope for people to see.

She said wringing her hands with a feminine whimsy she hadn't shown since before we were married.

Eh, what do you mean?

I said, my thoughts torn from all of the lovely sweet beers I had bought online.


We have to make a rainbow of some kind and show it to the world to show hope in these tough times.

The Good Lady said desperately.

Hmm, show hope eh. Alright then.

If it meant I could get to my beers in peace, I was on it.

A swift chalking of our front step later and tada! The pic above.

Beer time now...


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  • @jrcornel

    Are we the only ones left?

  • @chekohler

    I’m going to need a beer this dual chain thing is tricky I feel like this is becoming a full time job

  • @old-guy-photos

    A guys gotta do what a guys gotta do lol.

    I see the lights are still on, eh? For a while at least...


    there U was thinking you had found a Red, Orange. Yellow, Green. Blue Indigo and Violet beer and were going to perform the greatest sacrifice, drink some of each, then make a rainbow of the rest. the resulting chunder would have been real technicolour, with no recovery until Wed or Thurs

  • @shanghaipreneur

    Good work. Wishing you beers all around for the whole lockdown!

  • @tempravis

    Хуйню какую-то пишешь уебок. Вот тебе дауну надо минус по ебалу поставить. Ты просто мразота, чтобы ты сдох от коронавируса очкарик.

  • @alishi

    Agh what a cute idea