Tawa Chana Recipe | Restaurant Style Chole Recipe | Zoobia Farooq

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Tawa Chana Recipe | Restaurant Style Chole Recipe | Zoobia Farooq

Tawa Chana Recipe. Learn how to make Spicy Heart Tawa Chana Recipe. Very easy step by step tawa recipes video recipe. Enjoy this homemade food street-style Tawa Chana Recipe from scratch. A must try the recipe. Best for every one. Tawa Chana is a easy indian and pakistani recipe. it is mainly prepared in Tawa (Frying Pan) and need not required to deep fried in oil. its very simple and tasty to take as morning and evening. This simple Tawa Chana recipe by Zoobia Farooq, comprises only of a few spices, making it a delicious chana recipe to cook up quickly. This Tawa Chana recipe is a super hit among kids and adults alike.

Ingredients 250 gm chickpeas 1/4 cup cooking oil 1 onion chopped 1 to mato chopped 4 green chilies chopped 1 tsp ginger garlic paste heaped 1 tsp red pepper flakes crushed 1 tsp red chili powder 1 tsp coriander seeds crushed 1 tsp cumin seeds crushed 1 tsp chat masala 1 tsp dry fenugreek leaves 1/2 tsp turmeric powder salt according to taste

Cooking Method

  1. Wash chickpeas with few changes of water.
  2. Add 1 tsp baking soda and soak overnight.
  3. Drain.
  4. Boil chickpeas with 1 tea bag for 2 hours or until tender.
  5. Drain all excess water.
  6. Heat oil on a griddle or a Tawa.
  7. Saute chopped onion for 3-4 minutes
  8. Then add ginger garlic paste and fry for a few seconds.
  9. Now add chopped tomato and green chilies. Stir well.
  10. Season with turmeric, chili powder, crushed red pepper, coriander, cumin, chat Masala and salt.
  11. Also add dry fenugreek leaves.Cook for 5-8 minutes by adding little water.
  12. Then add boiled chickpeas and cook for 10-15 minutes.
  13. Garnish with ring onions and green chilies. Tawa Chana is ready to serve. ENJOY!! ===================================================== Tawa Chana Recipe by Zoobia Farooq - Pakistani Chef Recipes | tawa chana - Pakistani Chef Recipes | Chickpea Stir Fry/Tawa Chole | Tava Chana recipe, Indian Tava Recipes - Tarla Dalal | Tawa Chana Recipe | TAWA CHANNA Recipe | punjabi dry chana masala recipe | how to make dry kala chana masala. ====================================================== ▬▬▬▬▬▬ 5 Things You Should Do Now ▬▬▬▬▬▬

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    really yummy and tasty recipe I will ask my wife to make it for us on sunday morning