Water - by @mariandavp

Last night I dreamed I was swimming in a river against the current. At some point, I even swam up against a waterfall. Ships, boats, and all sorts of big vehicles were taken by the river's enormous physical force, and were coming up against me. I managed to avoid them all the way up the waterfall, but when I finally made it to calm waters, I had no strength left. Despite the fact that the river was resting like crystal at its shores, I was desperately reaching out for something or someone to hold on to.

Carl Jung said that water in our dreams represents our deepest emotions. Their flow defines the decisions we make in life, some times without realizing that it is in fact our emotion that decides for us instead of our free will or logic.

I think that my dream was about my commitment to act against my own emotions, despite their strength and the fears they bring along. In the end I manage the negativity and find my tranquility, but this journey always ends with me being alone and exhausted.

Today's art is a Doodle that roughly depicts that waterfall and is combined with the Chinese symbol for water.


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  • @rocksg

    Have you read the book "Interpretation of dreams" by Sigmund Freud? It is a great book and can answer many of our dreams code words.