The Third Eye knows no age - art by @mariandavp

Do we ever age? I mean REALLY age; mentally, psychologically, emotionally.

As we grow up many things change. Our appearance and physical strength and ability definitely deteriorates, as well as how we are perceived by society. It is no secret that modern economies do not hold high or maintain at least some respect for the elders. It's all about productivity...

Anyways, apart from how we look or how we are perceived, there is still another element that defines our existence that doesn't seem to follow the same time path; our consciousness, our soul.

This soul, our dreams, our aspirations, the desires that are not driven by young sexual instinct but instead arise from less superficial needs, seem to remain young and intact as ever as we grow.

The Third Eye in my pencil drawing is not necessarily our sixth sense but the window to our soul and the filter through which we see the world!


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  • @fleur

    Fascinating! I once had a third eye experience during a meditation and wish I could reach that stage of awareness again 🧘🏻‍♀️

  • @lydon.sipe

    I love the contrasts in this picture. Your words set the stage for what you created. Well done.

  • @whyaskwhy

    Hmmm!! The "THIRD EYE", not the sixth sense. Our soul, which is our true determinant of our age!!

    So much information capsuled in a well crafted script,like the QUINTESSENTIAL artist you!!

    Thanks @mariandavp. Please bring much of these to us regularly!!

  • @siucatti

    One of the things I was misssing from Steemit was your fantastic artworks, Marianda. So magic! I sometimes meditate and follow some audio guides to learn more about remote viewing and weird stuff... I'm not sure if it's real but when you focus your attention so heavely, you feel it on the third eye, for sure.

    Thanks for sharing!