Once upon a time, when love was born - art by @mariandavp

In two days' time it will be Christmas, and I am thinking; who do I want to spend it with?

When I was a student, this holiday was all about clubbing and partying non stop until the next day (yes I have done that so many times). But as years go by, I find myself more and more inclined to go back to the traditional family gathering around food and the Christmas Tree and spend time with the people I love and love me the most.

Maybe because Christmas is all about pure selfless love prevailing after all in a chaotic world, whose master and Commander are our own unreasonable desires.

Today's artwork is a tribute to the birth of selfless love and the rebirth of the universe that followed.

Lots of love to every steemer out there, and irrespective of spiritual beliefs, I wish you all a wonderful time during holidays!


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  • @bitcoinman

    What a wonderful piece ! I always preferred to stay in with the family

  • @enjoywithtroy

    Such a beautiful message and artistry. Blessings and love to you this Holy Season. @mariandavp

  • @opheliafu

    Hello @mariandavp. I'm currently holding the Steem torch https://steemit.com/steem/@geekgirl/steem-torch and I want to pass it on to a fellow artist on Steemit. Have you had the torch yet?