Love - art by @mariandavp

This Christmas my brother brought me a kit for practicing Chinese Calligraphy. I don't know how he came up with this idea, but I am always ready to learn something knew...if I can, of course.

Unfortunately learning Chinese Calligraphy is not something the average western person can do. And apparently I am the average Joe in that respect. I am also the type of person that hates to copy or immitate or even participate in synchronized activities. It is impossible for me to follow rules. Impossible.

Chinese Calligraphy is all about managing to revive the energy of the artist whose calligraphy you are copying so that the flow of your movement produces the exact same result. I can't do that, can I? Not without knowing the story and the meaning of the specific character. The least I could do in order to make a step towards the right direction, was to try to learn and appreciate the concept of Chinese pictographs.

I have done some progress in that respect by studying the words that inspire me artistically. Then I paint those characters, but I don't use the brushes and ink contained in the kit my brother gave me. Instead I make them mine, by drawing them using my pens and Markers. This way the pictographs radiate their truth in my heart exactly as one of my original designs would do.

My first art using a Chinese pictograph means Love.


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    What a fantastic gift idea! Kudos to your brother!

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