Into the Woods - art by @mariandavp

Today's artwork is about optimism and the ability to look at the world and see its best version.

The greatest gift of all is to be able to look beyond the burnt trees at the beautiful sunset, or to look at rocks and to see stars, to step on grass and instantly find yourself walking into the woods.

It's not about creating a false reality, it's about surviving the day.




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  • @denisdenis


  • @annadeda

    Wow!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • @enjoywithtroy

    I love it! Yes positive and thanks for explaining it. At first I thought it may be about big brother with the eye. Best to you @mariandavp

  • @markmaruharu

    a little creepy but good.

  • @seckorama

    Hi, it's nice work. May I kaleidoscoped it?

  • @luckylinkz

    So much detail its amazing to see i actually had to stop and take a good long look at the picture amazing its like four different pictures in one

  • @oo7harv

    beautiful piece! :)

  • @goldstreet

    What a wonderful, extraordinarily colourful abstract piece of art. I couldn't agree more - if we can survive the day we can do anything.