Dream Boulevard - art and thoughts by @mariandavp

Time flies. I can't believe it's been almost 9 years since I last visited New York, and the States in general.

I used to live in New England during the most important period of my young adult life, and despite the years that have gone by I believe it will never grow out of me.

I miss the multicultural and multinational environment, people from all over the world gathering in the center of high education, walking down the avenues dreaming of one thing; to become someone worthy.

I missed the willingness of people to work hard in order to create something that will last, the determination to stand out, the ability to dream big.

In my world unfortunately this school of thought is politically incorrect. You are not supposed to try hard. You are supposed to feel OK with yourself at all times and maintain a sense of entitlement. Only if something is easy, it's worth pursuing. Confrontation is out of the question. And this is how we all end up leading B O R I N G lives with boring jobs and boring spouses.

And all this in the name of happiness? Or is it convenience that we are all looking for?

Not me... Thank God art always allows me to walk down the Dream Boulevard next to those that want to become extraordinary.

PS. This is also an office art drawing using only pens and markers. inbound7488770993362477583.png

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  • @enjoywithtroy

    I love your art and commentary. Yes, many folks have been dumbed down by our society. We have indulged in unhealthy food and it has affected our motivation. Over the past several generations we have also become more selfish. Sadly that does not help in volunteering and making dreams happen. Blessings. @mariandavp

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  • @in2itiveart

    right there with you. I went to art school in NYC in the 80s and have not been back there since 2009 - everything was still so amazing then. I then moved upstate to Woodstock and lived there for 15 years as a bohemian artist - and now things are so bizarre - where I live now - everything is politically correct. Art is done digitally and printed. Most art is so perfect it doesn't look like it was made by a human...No one confronts anyone about anything - while we head toward extinction everybody just shops - it's amazing and horrifying. I draw and paint with my hands in the real world. But most people are enamored by AI - and technology.