Censorship on STEEMIT - Tron episode 1

After hostile takeover with help of exchanges now Justin Sun is planning another shit-show.

We noticed some activities on the official Github of Steemit inc. that puts certain posts in a blacklist.

Mostly posts related to Hive are getting blacklisted and won't show up on steemit.com

Likely they will put more posts into their blacklist.

A few posts that included in the blacklist:



And more:

["hiveio/announcing-the-launch-of-hive-blockchain", "anyx/it-s-time-to-decentralize", "steempeak/hive-and-url-changes", "steemitboard/steemitboard-shutdown-by-justin-sun", "roelandp/fork-you-hello-hive-my-new-home-are-you-coming-along-the-place-will-be-buzzing", "coruscate/acwmtxdz", "blocktrades/why-i-won-t-be-compromising-with-justin-sun", "andrarchy/i-support-hive", "smooth/hive-fork-announcement-smooth-and-burnpost", "taskmaster4450/hive-to-go-live-friday-sometimes-a-step-back-is-a-step-forward", "therealwolf/hive-the-blockchain-for-web-3-0", "kingscrown/binance-will-support-hive-split-chain-bittrex-odd-kyc-popup-on-login", "drakos/moving-to-hive", "bdcommunity/bdcommunity-supports-the-hive-blockchain", "pennsif/hive-news-18-march-2020-a-new-news-service-for-a-new-chain", "donekim/fork-hive", "kennyskitchen/n0nc735sj5e", "berniesanders/i-support-the-move-from-steem", "jrcornel/steem-hive-huobi-global-also-announces-they-will-support-hive-airdrop"]



Edit: Spread the word around the world. On-chain and off-chain.

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  • @fwelectronics

    That's very correct NO TO CENSORSHIP.

  • @d00k13

    I agree yet wonder, was the blacklist not something that was implemented to solve an issue on the STEEM blockchain?

  • @cloudspyder

    In the future steemit will become a first in censored blockchain.

  • @jrcornel

    It looks like it is still showing up on the main page?

  • @toofasteddie

    Hahahhaha, what a stupid guy! He still believe can do anything against us

  • @synrg

    Wow! Hive it is then... Thanks for bringing this up.

  • @tamiil

    Well, this kind of thing is the last nail in the coffin for me and probably for many others. Steem's main selling point was censorship resistance and when all it has left is steemit.com with Justin censoring everything he doesn't agree with then what's the point anymore?

  • @theabsolute

    This is...not good

  • @cardboard

    Are they fucking hard coding posts that will not show up?:DDD

  • @leprechaun

    I am starting my own condenser. Right now, it only shows lists of posts. I am using React-JS and Typescript. I recommend using https://www.steempeak.com. There are many. Thanks mostly for the Free RPC nodes. I have always voted for witnesses than ran public/RPC nodes.

    Isn't the market crazy though? 29 cent Steem, and $1.13 Steem Dollars.

  • @joythewanderer


  • @simplifylife

    Who cares about steemit.com anyway!

  • @blind-spot

    More people need to know about this.


  • @ausbitbank

    And this is why we don't want a centralized blockchain run by the CCP. In those changes is a new blacklist functionality, that literally connects to a random box in China to get an EXTRA blacklist from

    The blocklist ip sits in this network range :

    inetnum: -
    netname:        ALISOFT
    descr:          Aliyun Computing Co., LTD
    descr:          5F, Builing D, the West Lake International Plaza of S&T
    descr:          No.391 Wen'er Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, 310099
    country:        CN


    This extra blacklist check means they don't even need to update condenser in the future, they can just push out new censorship mandates direct from China.

    Thanks @justinsunsteemit for really proving our point, and giving #hive even more momentum and media attention!

  • @definitepotato

    See you all on Hive.

  • @bobskibob

    Just lol ... there is no other words

  • @engrave

    It's already implemented.

    Screenshot from 20200319 172932.png

    The censorship is on.

  • @jrcornel

    Looks like my post from yesterday is being censored as well now...


  • @indigoocean

    Another odd thing I just blogged about is that yesterday's 24 hr volume was more than the entire market cap of STEEM, and most of the buying was against KRW, so Koreans. Trying to get in on the HIVE airdrop to create mayhem on the new chain, perhaps?

  • @paulmp

    So Justin is just proving the very reason why the community didn't want him in control in the first place. By Steem.. it has been lovely, but I refuse to sit and be censored, I'll censor myself thank you!

  • @paragism

    Yesterday they censored my this post regarding hive.


  • @argsolver

    One day to go and the nightmare is over.

  • @californiacrypto

    Lets get our Hive on.

  • @steemmillionaire

    What TRON is currently doing here is the best marketing campaign for Hive! See you on the bright side!

  • @bryan-imhoff

    So. Much. Wow.

    Of course Steemit always had the option to not display certain content in the front end, and did utilize it in the past in cases of illegal activity, extreme spam, etc.

    This represents a new low by Justin Sun, blacklisting posts discussing other blockchain projects! And the code highlighted by @ausbitbank is even more damning! Without full witness control, these changes can only be implemented to the display of posts... but once Sun centralizes Steem I have no doubt we’ll see outright censorship in the form of coordinated witness servers actually removing or disallowing certain posts from the blockchain itself.

    See you all tomorrow on Hive!

  • @discernente

    Everything we feared about the Steemit centralization is now already a reality.

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  • @jager567

    Censorship and blockchain don't go hand-in-hand. They are exact opposites. Steemit is no better than Facebook, Twitter, or any other conventional social medium. This action proves that even that valuation is too high. Steemit is a worthless system, ran by a dictator.

    Steem, however, will live on, albeit under a different name.

    No one can censor Steem

  • @gadrian

    Welcome to Steemit... Embrace our censorship frenetic brand new policy! :-)

  • @rmach

    You know steem(it) hit bottom when these final hours before the HF are making facebook look real good and free! 😵

  • @dhimmel

    Here's a version of the GitHub comparison link that uses commit hashes


    The comparison based on branch names could change. Commit hashes ensure content-integrity.

  • @firstamendment

    For us non-witnesses, is there an easy way to look up what the postid are?

    export const _list_temp = [ 85272851, 85292735, 85290072, 85280316, 85290308, 85240810, 85278992, 85276721, 85288504, 85284375, 85283636, 85273231, 85287931, 85287965, 85274894, 85241321, 85294452, 85289191, 85293865, ];

  • @drakos


  • @sharatdotinfo

    I don't know if this is related to the Justin Sun hostile takeover but my account is being falsely flagged as spam by steem cleaners. I tried to reason with them but they wouldn't show me proof or listen. Steem is really becoming a shit show. Time to move onto better platforms like Uptrennd, Publish0x etc.

  • @skysnap

    Justine Sun is Chinese. Chinese people migrate to US and other first world nations in west and then promote communism and socialism. So not surprised that justine sun is PRO censorship. Stop giving power to immigrant chinese like him. Simple.

  • @ervin-lemark

    @triple.aaa @zzan.witnesses @steemhunt @steem-dragon @future.witness

    is this the platform that you choose to support and be a witness for?

  • @mattclarke

    @elipowell, it's been a month, are you still free to post? Given the circumstances I'll take silence as an answer.

  • @rosepac

    I am the first to be very harsh and critical of everything that is happening.

    But without a doubt, this has led me a lot for a position.

    Although I still think that witnesses should change many things in the new chain.

    Among them, the bots, the way of voting, the curators ... Etc, etc, etc.

    It seems to me that Justin is having a disgusting attitude and this corroborates this.. I hope this can be worked on. Not like Steemit, that was unreal.

  • @vermithrax

    Doesn't @justinsunsteemit understand that he makes things only worse with this kind of authoritarian actions. He shows his hand as evil dictator here.

  • @tonytrillions

    !giphy awesome

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