My Most DISAPPOINTING Crypto Investments

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RAVS asks "Of all the cryptocurrencies you've purchased, which ones have disappointed you the most?"

Here's my response!

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  • @martha75

    Hi @louisthomas ,Wanchain, it's my biggest disappointment, I didn't sell at the right time, and now, I better not think about it anymore. Blessings

  • @agrostis

    For me, it was most of them. I bought in April 2018, and the market just dropped thereafter.

  • @super.dude

    Good video. My worst was honestly catching the wave when XRP was $3. I got out, and took profits, jumped back in at $3 as rode the wave down.

  • @farhanali

    Hey @louisthomas same thing happened with me when I bought Wave coin when it's on peek but after my purchase, it's going down and down and it's really disappointing for me because then I was new in trading crypto

  • @engrsayful

    For me. I joined on February last year in crypto market with STEEM. It was about 0.40 $ and increased a bit after couple of months. After July its price is being decreasing gradually. Now about 0.12 $. God knows where is the end.

  • @clixmoney

    For me it's ripple. I baught about $3000 and the price went lower and lower and I was new in investing in crypto and I sold that for $1000. So, I lost $2000 in just about a week, just because I wasn't that good at investing. But I recovered exaxtly the same amout with lisk or even more. I invested in lisk when it was about $0.5 and sold it when it became more than 3$, but I had to wait for that about a few months. ☺

  • @peerzadazeeshan

    We all know cryptocurrency is running through bull market from past 1 year. Before that everyone was happy with it because it was rising. Some users bought coins at lower prices and it went to a huge price. Why don't they talk about that? You tell me Why people look only towards loss why don't they talk about gain? They talk only about loss... Why? Before this bull market no one talked about loss or something like that. We are still in crypto, it depends on market it can rise anytime no one knows when. So we should keep faith in it and won't e disappointed. Thank you...

  • @emiliomorles

    2020 seems to be the year we were waiting for. I really hope that.

  • @acidyo

    I'm guessing this wasn't you?

  • @yanirauseche

    Well for now I have not been disappointed with what I have invested, what if I have been disappointed are those projects that are Scam and that both are around looking for more people to harm their pockets.