Reacting to Nouriel Roubini's Comments About Bitcoin

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Sampra asks "thoughts on Nouriel Roubini's comments that Bitcoin will never be adopted because countries will not just bend over and let their currencies devalue?"

Here's my response!

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  • @markkujantunen

    Fiat currencies WILL devalue regardless of what governments want. Good luck trying to derail Bitcoin.

  • @edicted

    Roubini's comments are like that of a child who's reading a book report written by mommy and daddy.

  • @agrostis

    After 12 seconds your video froze!

  • @agrostis

    Nouriel Roubin and others are giving negative comments because they have been bought out by the 'establishment'. Just my opinion!

    Bitcoin and selected ALT coins will do fine . FIAT currencies will go down to their true intrinsic value of zero!

  • @nithishfloopz

    who asks government to adopt bitcoin? LOL It is the people who need to use it and adopt it . After all Bitcoin is against the centralization of governments

  • @afza

    Go moon, bitcoin!

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  • @cryptoinvestsvk

    Great to see you here and still soing vid. I remember you from 2017

  • @yanirauseche

    Well, most governments want to make people suffer as in the case of Venezuela that implemented a centralized cryptocurrency called Petro that is useless, yet in Venezuela most people handle dollars despite the fact that the currency is the strong bolivar. Other people are accepting cryptocurrencies as part of payment to offer product and services. Negative people who give such messages about bitcoin I think it will not help much, there will always be alternatives that are innovative and that are much better than being left with currencies that are devalued, somehow a portion of the people reacts to safeguard their assets , either in precious metals, real estate or cryptocurrencies.