🧠 UPDATE: Crypto Investing Strategy - December 2019

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Another month, another update on my cryptocurrency investing strategy. Enjoy!

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  • @coininstant

    Here's what I think, you're usually always a few K off, so big dip coming! A lot of people already got in at 2K 4K 5K,etc, made some money and or are sitting on profits! The sentiment is not all that bad, I haven't felt a thing, but happiness in my Bitcoin! For real!! G! I say we see 5-6K, maybe even 2-4 ? again!! we haven't seen that flush out candle and I haven't felt the pain like last year!

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  • @oppongk

    Thanks very much @louisthomas, that is really an investment strategy to go with Crypto.

  • @stackin

    I'm in the middle ground right now for the month of December... CME 2nd year anniversary is around the corner lol... that scared me lol

  • @nithishfloopz

    Good one @louisthomas HODL!

  • @manjula2611

    Thank you so much

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  • @isadora21

    buena investigacion

  • @steemitqa

    Always great reporting louisthomas!

  • @ablet19

    I do wish to invest into crypto. But I lack capital.

  • @omrfrq18

    Thanks for this strategy.

  • @davidblackwell

    Do you diversify in other assets or are you all in on crypto?

  • @jekhy

    Thanks for the post.