Justin Sun bought STEEMIT and is trying to convince everyone that he bought STEEM

It happened. The spineless coward sold and is moving away to warmer climate to play his guitar in flip flops.

Justin Sun acquired @Steemit. Some of us knew for a few months that something was cooking. There have been rumors for at least a year, ever since @andrarchy had a talk with Tronians at one of the conventions. Looking back at it all it is starting to look a lot clearer.

This didnt happen over night.

  1. Ned didnt disappear for no reason and gave over the reins to Eli.
  2. SMT development didnt" take off" after the talks about forking out the ninjamine stake for no reason. (Damn they fucked us good lol)

We were all played as fools.

Look, what ever happens neither me or you can do anything. And a number of things can happen. I lack conviction in the integrity of many of our witnesses but they could group up and say "Fuck off" to Justin and Ned. From what i can see, they will all be shafted since TRON has "Super Representatives" and has no use for the likes of @gtg, @aggroed, @blocktrades, @ausbitbank, @yabapmatt... sorry guys.

The witnesses could continue to run the chain because really, the token Justin and Ned want to create on TRON isnt STEEM. Its something else. Its "NOTSTEEM".

Steem is the community, the devs and the witnesses. Thats Steem. Justin can only take Steem if we go along with it.

There is a problem with this though which is why i dont find any of this a laughing matter. If there is a split, there could very well be blood in the streets. When Justin bought Dlive he just bought a centralized website like Twitch.

Here, he is trying to acquire a whole blockchain. He is trying to kill Steem, create something with wholly different characteristics on TRON and take the brand name with him.

What ever we end up with, doing a swap for STEEMTRON tokens or sticking with the original chain, we are entering extremely risky territory.

  1. You dont know if Tron can emulate Steem effectively or what they will do, or what will happen with the price if Steem is simply labeled as a blog platform which it will most likely be on TRON. (Steem with SMTs would be a far superior chain)
  2. If witnesses tell them to fuck off, you cant know if someone else will pick up development or their nodes.

What is the point of SMTs on TRON if Steem becomes a subTRON token? There is none.

Either way, what ever happens it seems that the best choice is to powerdown, sell and run away unless witnesses come out with a strong strategy. Steem traded on Binance, Huobi, Bittrex is the Steem we are using now. This could literally kill Steem if the community isnt united and we cant find a replacement for the work Steemit.inc did. Can someone else pick up the work done on SMTs so far?

Ned had 0 consideration for any of us here. He couldnt just have sold Steemit and fucked off. HE decided FOR ALL OF US that Steem goes with Steemit.

We will know very very soon if the mantra "STEEMIT IS NOT STEEM" is true.

Justin wants to buy us and just pay @ned. Well im not for sale.

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  • @markkujantunen

    Here, he is trying to acquire a whole blockchain. He is trying to kill Steem, create something with wholly different characteristics on TRON and take the brand name with him.

    The Steem name isn't much to write home about. Nobody's either ever heard of it or they've only heard bad things about it. He's after the user base because apart from BitTorrent users, he's got none. He's got a lot of money and knack for marketing.

  • @dadapizza

    This is depressing as heck.

  • @mindtrap

    I feel kinda sick tbh...the strange thing is...why STEEM's price keeps moving up?

    First time in months that STEEM got to $0.30 and I can't even celebrate it

  • @champagnecrypto

    On live talking about this https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOeDVSPVvPN_2b4Uq73DORQ

  • @rumblestiltskin

    The Steem chain will continue. The witnesses will stay because Tron already has it's own consensus. The community will split. My question is, where is Splinterlands going?

  • @acesontop

    All over the news they are talking about Steem as being Steemit, not knowing that these are two different things. I don't know how much Sun can do about the way the blockchain works, but I hope we, the community, active users, and the apps currently working to not be affected by the sell of Steemit. Man, I really don't like either of Ned or Sun. It's a very confusing situation and I really hope that this part of my life won't be destroyed. I've just turned two on Steem and I was imagining myself for years blogging around here. I don't want to blog on TRON's blockchain and I don't want to earn Tronshitsteem. I'd rather dedicate my whole time to publish0x rather than do that.

  • @bashadow

    I think there are a lot of other developers and development teams that can easily and readily replace the function that steemit.inc development team did. Steempeak has been talking about their own HF proposal for after the SMT HF. If @ned and Tron want to fork off the steem block chain it is my understanding that they can do it, anyone can fork off the steem block chain. It has been done in the past or so I have read on other post. If the witnesses do not want to play ball with sun and ned then that will be an option for them. The Steem Block Chain will continue, the development will continue if people want it to continue.

  • @kabir88

    One of the best things about steem was that it was a native token on it's own blockchain. The voting system gave too much power to the whales, but it's much better than being a token on someone else's chain where you have little to no say.

    Will be interesting to see what the witnesses think and if there will be broad consensus or a split.

  • @cyberblock

    I think it's good to be backed by a billionaire, steemit was going no where but down anyways, at least now we have a real backer and some potential.

  • @vikisecrets

    From the announcement it sounds like Justin wants to move everything to Tron. I would prefer that the Steem blockchain remains and Tron and Steem working together. But we will see, in fact it all depends on the details and what Justin is offering to existing users and investors. A merger is always a risk but it also has potential and can bring Steemit back as a top crypto project.

  • @chekohler

    Just another case of money talks it’s a good thing it shows that stinc doesn’t care about blockchain because they jumped at the first offer of fiat

    Tron is in my humble opinion a shit coin backed by Chinese fake money faking their way to the top trying to buy up and never actually develop anything

    Justin can take steemit.com and side chain it and give us additional rewards for our content in Tron but I don’t see why I’d give up my steem for some TR20 shittoken

    At best he leaves us alone and gives stinc cash to dev at worst we fork! Let’s see who of the community believe and who are sell outs

  • @goldrooster

    It all comes down to the conversion rate of which TRONSTEEM in the end can be converted into TRON. Somethin had to happen with steem/steemit. I see it neutral. Pullin the plug out of the steemit team would have been worse.

  • @flemingfarm

    Once again a corporation fucks the people over. The joys of living in this time of absolute greed.

    I really don't trust the top witnesses after all the cow-towing they have done to Inc. No matter what we are screwed since without devs the chain will stagnate even more and by moving to Tron we are likely going to have zero say in any direction to follow.

    Looks like a TON of people will be dumping soon once the price rises enough.

  • @liondani

    If witnesses tell them to fuck off, you cant know if someone else will pick up development or their nodes.

    The problem is that in the near future steemit.inc aka TRON will vote for witnesses that will not say "fuck off"... So if the majority of active witnesses are TRON friendly...

  • @crypto.piotr

    Dear @lordbutterfly

    I've been just reading about STEEM Token Swap on poloniex and I was wondering - what does it mean to all those who powered up all their STEEM?

    Will we witness entire blockchain powering down? That would require cancelling all delegations, right? In that case all curation trails would also receive a serious hit. Most current projects would collapse (months of looking for support with delegations).

    I'm also curious if Steem-engine will be affected - and how? Any view on that issue?

    Also I wonder if we can still expect HIVES and SMTs or those promissed will not be delivered. Quite worrying questions.

    Yours, Piotr

  • @deewon56

    This right time to join whaleshares.io for users yet to join ,thou I know @lordbutterfly have account on whaleshares already

  • @sames

    Sad fact to note is Justin Sun is great friends with CZ ie Binance and that our most liquid exchange. With Binance being like the flagship alts exchange, other small exchange will follow :( The current steem might just have to be forked and called steem classic or a whole rebrand :( Or we fully expect this merger and go all in

  • @valued-customer

    We'll see in the morning.


  • @frankbacon

    Highly rEsteemed!

    @ned will forever be known in history as a complete blockchain fraud and retard... IMHO.

    On to better endeavors!

    Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 10.06.17 AM.png

  • @lighteye

    This is a learning process, @lordbutterfly. Now we’ll see who can and who can’t differentiate centralized platform from the decentralized one:


    I think there are enough witnesses to make a fork like Golos did… Wouldn’t mind another name if the essence is there.

  • @assfaceproject

    Some great points and discussion in the threads. Lots of change coming..

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