This is what's been taking most of my time!

Been very busy with shows and projects and finishing this big triptych: 270 x 80 cm. Like with any artwork, it's hard to photograph and catch the nuances, but i hope you enjoy the pix i do have.

I'll start panel by panel and you can see it all together at the end.

This is Richard. He ordered the portrait. He is a man of music: dj, promoter and on the cusp of starting a new record label....

LIBA richard central panel WEB.jpg

Richard had a dream about his grandaughter selecting music albums...

LIBA richard rio panel vig WEB.jpg

for her brother to spin:

LIBA richard atlas panel WEB.jpg

It's a dream of Continuum and thus i added the oroborous and the caduceus on the table.

the panels all together makes this:

LIBA richard all panels WEB.jpg

Richard has graciously let me hold onto it for a show coming up in Paris this December:

Fêlures & Lumières - Charity exhibit for A chance for Happiness

Atelier Gustave 36 rue Boissonade 75014 Paris

December 2-6, 2019

I will be posting more about that soon! Thanks for looking Liba

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    This is the Hammer! Great work! I seen it on FB already!

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    It is really amazing, both in idea and technique:) Good to see you back:)

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    Wow... Looks nice

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    Well that's very understandable!

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    Nicest thing I’ve seen all morning @libaws.

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    Wooow man, amazing work!!

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