STEEM Pump due to Tron Buying ?


Worth to remind Justin Sun of TRX bought ie Bittorent and there were rumours of STEEM buying.

Ned retweeting? Who knows. Valentines are today and we can see a spike in price of STEEM and maybe SBD too.

Binance Market of STEEM/BTC

That would mean STEEM gets Poloniex back too as Tron owns it now.

We have more hints.

So lets see as valentines just started in some places.


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  • @mattsanthonyit

    That's a great news. Enough massive STEEM explosion is coming soon.....

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  • @cyberblock

    Brooo!! That's unreal, those tweets got me real excited lmao

  • @flemingfarm


  • @murathe

    In the headlines: TRon PRoposes TO HIs LOng TIme PArtner, STeem.

  • @ssjsasha

    If steem can go over $3 I’d lose my shit

  • @avare

    Can be true. Steem is flying

  • @tj4real

    That's too big a conspiracy theory

  • @californiacrypto

    Idk but Steem is the number one gainer right now on CoinMarketCap rumors got people buying in anticipation of the announcement.

  • @pennsif

    Timing would be ideal to distract media interest away from the Voice beta launch today perhaps...

    I am sure Ned wouldn't be thinking of that would he 😀

    And the recent leaks/slipups add fuel to the fire.

  • @blakemiles84

    I'm just trying to understand the 'steem -> tron token' transfer process and what that will mean.

    Crickets from the Steem Team is beyond annoying at this point

  • @galasek

    STEEMIT2.0 #TRON and #Steemit leading in a new era of decentralized social networking.

    Join me @OfficialDLive ( at 9:00AM, Feb 15 (PST).

    Let’s talk about Steem #Dapps migration, $STEEM token swap, giveaways to #TRX users and a new accelerator program.

  • @galasek

    We’re excited to announce that we'll be supporting the upcoming $STEEM token swap for our users! We’ll re-list #STEEM soon and bring back support for deposits and withdrawals

  • @honoru

    In the end, it became a fact.

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