Lets see some STEEM stats vs Other Blockchains

I like to check stats of Steemit from time to time and since we have SteemFest now in BKK it might be vital to do this one so people can use that and speak of it.

Top5 Of Used Blockchain Platforms

image.png Interesting to see that top8 right after very popular BAT (if you dont have this excellet browser - CLICK HERE to grab it] we have @steemmonsters Steem Monsters by @aggroed Try the game as you can see loads of people play it.

Top STEEM Blockchain dApps

Obviously, we already know top1 and top2 spots so here is 5 more. image.png Congrats to creators. I think the noticeable downtrend of use is because people delegated to some bots for them to upvote others and share profits yet those stated going all over platform flagging people.

props and links to @nextcolony @partiko @sportstalksocial @dtube @busy @busy.org @esteemapp @actifit @appics @steemhunt @dlike

Social Apps

image.png STEEM blockchain kills here. Only 3 other chains with 1 app each here.

Blockchain Activity - Top 4


Before we spoke of dApps now we check whole blockchain activity. STEEM is top4, also the older brother Bitshares is top7.


image.png Just skip HitBTC as we cannot deposit or withdrawal for over a year, I've reported this many times and tried to reach to support.


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    Still waiting on a steem pump

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    seems @trafalgar hates #steemit and #steem

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    Great post!!! I love your post

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    The noticeable downtrend in the graph is actually because there is not enough data for today yet. It always looks like this.