FC Barcelona Will Release own Token

One of the biggest and most famous soccer clubs - FC Barcelona just made public info about a partnership with Chilliz token on which platform they will create Fan Token Offering of their coin.

FC Barcelona has signed a new global partnership agreement with a blockchain-based fan engagement platform for sports & entertainment Chiliz. The agreement, which is part of Barça’s new digital and commercial strategy, will help them stay closer to its global fanbase through Barça Fan Tokens ($BAR), digital assets that allow supporters to take part in polls and surveys on Chiliz fan voting & rewards mobile app Socios.com.

Fans will be able to vote on stuff, help to decide the way club can go etc.

Josep Pont, FC Barcelona Board Member and Head of Commercial Area: We are proud to welcome Chiliz to the Barça family as a new global partner. This agreement will give us the chance to set up innovative marketing and partnership activations with a clear focus on the digital realm to take the Club closer to our fans around the world. This agreement also forms part of FC Barcelona’s goal to become associated with leading brands that can help us consolidate our new commercial and digital strategy, with the development of new streams for the generation of resources helping to make us a benchmark both on and off the field.

If you look closely you will see FCB is not the first club to join this niche and it seems this is getting popular. It started with Paris Saint Germain and they really got good clubs there.

CHZ token, of course, went up on this news, here is Binance Exchange Market

CHZ Exchanges

Good ones i personally use Binance, KuCoin and Bitmax. All can be used with no documents and you can buy CHZ there. On Binance you can also trade STEEM.


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  • @btcsam

    That's awesome, I would definitely buy some of these tokens 🤩

  • @santigs

    Not sure how Socios platform will evolve but one thing is clear, they have been able to enroll some of the most important soccer clubs in Europe. We will have to wait and see if they manage to add value for all; clubs and supporters

  • @simplifylife

    Okay this is interesting! Something to get the fans excited again, given the amount of shit football they been playing this season :( I know this will unfortunately have no impact whatsoever on the performance on the pitch and i'm also gong to be quite sceptical about any decision this Barcelona board makes (they've shown how incompetent they are), but I would love to read the official source of this information if you happen to have the link please.