300B Market Capitalization Crossed, Trump to push new FinCEN requirements

Yay we got it again everything so green and going up. Is this the final bull run? We shall see. Still we are 50% down (well a bit less but lets keep it at 50%) from Bitcoin ATH of 20 000 USD.

300 Billion Market Capitalization Crossed on Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin dominance 62%.

Of course, the data is a bit different by every site but 300 B is a fact and around 62% everywhere.




Bitcoin Markets

Look at sick prices of ETH above 250 USD, BTC going up nicely and other kick ass things ike XTZ or HBAR, all on Binance.


If you look on altcoins the season could start, STEEM green too. There is a new song that you can listen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyjTXNebRvU

Okay but there is also other news...

Steven Mnuchin of U.S. Treasury Secretary told Congress that theFinCEN will soon to release new requirements related to cryptocurrencies. He said specifically on cryptocurrencies, we are spending a lot of time on this, on both an interagency basis and with the regulators.

Parts of his talk can be found at https://twitter.com/xrp_hodl_/status/1227679936015667201 https://i.imgur.com/vRCS2zF.png

Interesting times.


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  • @zaibkang

    Bitcoin and Altcoins are growing and developing day bay day steem is also going up nobody will restrict or control cryptocurrencies

  • @new-earth

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  • @btcsam

    @kingscrown Exactly, the crypto markets look really good right now. BTC finally beeing over $10,000 and staying there for the moment is a good sign for the whole crypto world. Still a long way to get to the ATH though 📈

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  • @chesatochi

    One day at the time and the future will be great.

  • @jphamer1

    2020 crypto currency adoption goes mainstream.

  • @cyberblock

    When BTC dominance is falling, i know the crypto market is healthy and STRONG :)

  • @cryptonewz

    What the most important is steem also in a green light currently and might a good sign for us to fill more steem on the bag..