An Exclusive Interview with MAX HODL: Trillionaire Philanthropist & Cryptobro Extraordinaire™


Max Hodl is apparently a cryptobro who came back from the future to drop some "wisdom nuggets" for us "plebs of the 21st century" as we march our way towards a new world of peace and prosperity. Here's a brief of his introduction on Steem about two years ago:-

"Hello everyone. Are you guys puuuuuuumped?! My name is Max. Max Hodl. Early Bitcoin investor, pizza purveyor, crypto-hodler, consultant, serial entrepreneur, world-builder, motivational guru, pump vlogger, keyboard warrior, lover of life, steroid addict, and author of best-selling novel, Hodlnomics." by Max Hodl: Trillionaire Philanthropist & Cryptobro Extraordinaire™

I have been trying to get hold of him the past year as I voted on his shitposts, but never did he contact me until recently, like 10 seconds ago. Without further ado, let's dive into the the hottest interview of the century. A simple Q & A format.

This is definitely gonna be the hottest interview of the century. How's being a Trillionaire Philanthropist & Cryptobro Extraordinaire™ feel like?

The hottest interview of the century will most definitely not be me. I'm pretty damn awesome, but I give credit where credit is due. Just look out for the Einstein of blockchain technology. His stuff made me the cryptobro that I am today, bro.

Einstein of blockchain technology? Is that Ned Scott?

Haha. Anyway, I will not give you the answer. Discover him for yourself, bro. He's really really really really, really smart. A real smart bro, bro.

Why bother coming back here if the future is already so awesome?

It's mostly a nostalgia trip. The future is really great, but the lambos are driverless. Bro.

Are the cryptos of today still going to be around in the far future?

I can't give any straight answers here as it'll break the time-space continuum and undo my voyage. But think about blockchains and cryptocurrencies as ever-evolving digital organisms, if they're developed and stewarded properly of course. The key to eternity is evolution. The ability to change for the better is super valuable, bro.

Everything is a work-in-progress, obviously, but core fundamentals do matter as much as the foundations of any skyscrapers, bro. Things may need to be defined on a certain logic-based blockchain in the future, so it can free itself from notions of machine, computation, and time. Only then will it be a true crypto, bro.


Woops, I probably said too much. Just downed a dozen beer of cans. Take what I just said as pure nonsense. Bro..

💥Time-space continuum destroyed!💥

Thanks for reading..

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    This man knows! I will immediately start using the word bro more

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    People still drive lambos in the future? 😂😂😂

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    Trillionere philantrophist lol

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    I wanted to ask someone about Death Stranding , instantly you came to my mind. Can we assume a post about it ? I'm really curious

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    wow.... please bring us similar lesson with other Cryto consultant

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    I met this bro after blasting some heady deems and we did bumps of ketamollicane and talked tech until Tesla came and was all like drugs are bad, but then Elongated Musky showed up at the akashic hall and dropped a fat bag of space bud on us to mellow out and we all decided to incept your time, which is now our time, but has always been like, now bro. with a logic based blockchain.. So basically what I'm literally saying is this post and interview is totally legit and like Marty mcfly playing a guitar solo "your kids are gonna love it".. Until then deem on I mean steem on.

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    Do you even crypto, bro?

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    No way bro!

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    How was death stranding man I'm going to play it on this Thursday

  • @ayijufridar

    I like the question Are the cryptos of today still going to be around in the far future, but found no answer that is more soothing. That's the standard answer that we've often heard. I want to hear more detailed answers about crypto that has a more future, how to manage it, and so on.

    Perhaps I will find it in the following post. I wait patiently.