Let's Start With Where We Agree - A Look At What's Holding Back The Paradigm Shift

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  • @andrewmarkmusic

    Good talk! The primary enemy of all of us is this monological corporate nation-state vision that is being forced onto civilization on a worldwide scale. And that is Biblical in scope...

  • @taskmaster4450

    This is a fantastic write up of what many of us feel. The desire to just be left alone and live as we see fit.

    It is, of course, at odds with the control mechanisms that are in place. Politics is the great destroyer and they do a good job getting people to buy in. It is all about violence, at every level.

  • @bob77

    According to the Bible, Is personal salvation biblical? Let us Analyze

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  • @valued-customer

    @honeybee posted an opportunity to discuss anarchist policy regarding pandemic response, and I noted that our personal responsibility best enables society to respond to this specific threat. If everyone took action proactively themselves to secure their persons and property from pandemic threats, we'd all be self-quarantined already, no longer touch public surfaces without first wiping them down with bleach, and no longer greet one another by hugging, kissing, or shaking hands. By taking personal responsibility we'd quickly drop the R0 of this virus below 1 and end this pandemic.

    Statists glued to the official fake news will not be alerted to the existential reality, and will not be prompted to take nominal action to prevent spread of the disease, necessitating brutal state quarantines and imposition of totalitarian despotism that will disrupt society needlessly and with extreme prejudice. As a result, many statists will lose their lives, property, and freedom.

    This is an opportunity to transcend the present statist paradigm, and enable folks capable of reason to adopt personal responsibility to secure themselves.


  • @aagabriel

    Detailed and thorough post here, giving me a lot to chew over in my bedraggled state. I'll respond by quoting phrases or ideas of yours that elicited a reaction in me.

    "...just how often politics ends up coming between people who (from my POV) are clearly working towards the same ends.. https://66.media.tumblr.com/dffccdea2bb7d3d9dd3bdfb982e7e694/tumblr_nnl3inPfgy1ss6ffzo1_500.jpg By working against each other despite trying to work towards the same end, we both have our individual problems synthesized into the same solution. A solution not for us, but for those above.

    • No more nation-states in physical reality, and no more state as a culturally acceptable concept of human organization.

    Statism is an illusion for the undecided or those unwilling to be the arbiters of their own fate.

    • No more banks in physical reality, and no more usury as a culturally acceptable form of interaction.

    Usury enacted via an immaterial value being imbued into currency is inhuman

    • No more war, or any other form of mass murder.

    Justice before violence, battles before war, love before spite, plenty before wealth

    • No more people assaulting & abusing children.

    Mind Control and learned helplessness enacted upon the youth is punishable by collective, formal edict. No wanton creation of pastimes or polluting media that exists for the sole purpose of corrupting youth. Yes DnD is fine, so is rock music.. I mean shit like #elsagate and "Big Mouth" cartoon series

    • No more factory farming, toxic fertilizers/pesticides/herbicides, and rampant food waste.

    Starve the factory farm by learning permaculture and how to feed yourself off the land. Never starve again.

    Achieving Anarchy

    I'd simplify all that: image.png

    "We're going through the most amazing & magnificent paradigm shift that humanity has ever seen"

    I'm not so sure about that as I did not experience all the forevers of what humanity had seen previously. But I do support this sentiment, to an extent.Paradigm Shift seems to be pretty narrowly defined compared to the way you used the phrase. All the Utopian-Tech examples stated to prove this epoch-defining paradigm shift for humanity doesn't have much to do with humanity at all in my opinion.

    Sure, it could be all those things. Utopian Tech to Solve hunger, supply the lack of basic necessities, ensure a cleaner world for upcoming generations to enjoy and protect for their own upcoming generation. It should be like this but the rhetorical question remains: How will it become all those things? How can the opportunity for a continuously improving future on Earth be enforced and promised, not just flirted with and written about?

    Your second paragraph resonates with me far more. I can read between the lines where words will not fit, to get the gist of it: loud and clear. However the "old paradigm" doesn't play fair. It wont respect any peaceful, positive internally-focused attempts to make peace - it will exploit it. Overrule the kindness and turn it against us.

    This is where I think of justice, and the role of a terrorist (formerly known as "Freedom Fighter")

    • Where have you seen consensus work or not work before?

    I've seen it work effectively here, amongst my immediate family members and within groups I care to be in and contribute to. I've not seen consensus work in democratic federal and state-based electoral ballots/votes. Nor in pathologically competitive environments. Nor in public arenas or virtual spaces overall.

    • How many fictional worlds have you read/watched where these fundamentals were actually different from the "real world?

    Not sure why would you refer to fictional worlds for your reader to find a parallel to what your ethos proposes. They are fictional for a reason, a myriad of different reasons but the main reasons that stick out to me are because they are idealistic, novel & fantastical.

    • I'm feeling more and more that stories, mythology, fiction is really the key to the wide-spread change of mind that we need.

    OK, this is intriguing to me. I can envisage hidden history, etymology and non-fiction being of the same spiritual benefit to the emancipation of our minds as your 3 examples.

    That was fun :-)

  • @vibeof100monkeys

    You've hit the nail on the head! I think we all need to sit back and see where you can find common ground and start building a real alternative together and stop listen to this divided and conqure BS. Great work as always 💯🐒