❤️ Acroyoga Flow with @acromott! ❤️

Playing outside is always a great way to refresh my mind, body and soul! In today's video, @acromott and I decided to do an acroyoga flow at one of our favorite murals.

snap (3).jpg

Doing acroyoga with @acromott is always so much fun.

We did the following moves in this video:

  • back fly
  • foot to hand
  • trap door
  • boat pose
  • water fall
  • reverse throne
  • bird pops



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  • @joalvarez

    Great to see you guys back doing acro yoga again since I have not seen you guys for a while and I always enjoy watching you guys having fun doing all of these crazy moves.

  • @madushanka

    @karensuestudios, It's amazing to see Acro yoga flow. Seemed very risky steps you did. @acromott doing best supporting part there. Your flexibility amazing. Absolutely brilliant and I know you've different kind of skills. Go ahead with #Steem.

  • @diesimssuchties

    So Cool. I love it.