My First Kick Starter: A Self-Reflection guided Journal

I’m so excited to share the good news with you all. Today is the launch of my first Kick Starter. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I took sometime away from Steemit to focus on my business and pursue my dream as an artist. 20191128_124812.jpg

My latest project is called “The One Week Journal,” which you can find on Kickstarter. It’s a 7 day self-reflection guided journal to explore yourself across 14 tops like memories, insecurities, work, community, and more! I personally have found journaling and writing to be very therapeutic. I wanted to create a project that would hopefully inspire others and add positivity to the world. The intension behind this book is to provide a safe space for you to slow down and take time for you to self reflect. Upon completion of this book, you will have a time capsule of yourself!


It would mean so much to me if you could support this project in anyway. There are different options on Kickstarter to help fund this project. There are also two cover options you can pick from! (See image above). So far, I have sold over 15,000+ books on Amazon. What started out as a side hobby soon became a dream job. I have to thank my Steemit community for so much support in the past. So thank you in advance for supporting my dreams and helping make it a reality. I am so grateful for each one of you.


love, Karen

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  • @abh12345

    Good luck Karen :)

    I would just use the full link as those short ones can send you anywhere and some may not want to click.

  • @victorholyo

    Wishing all the success in the world! That looks like a really good journal!

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  • @chireerocks

    @karensuestudios, Congratulations and it's always a great step to turn our Passion into Business.

    My good wishes are with you and have a successful journey ahead. Stay blessed.

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  • @theelowdown

    Not only are you smart, you're pretty. Keep up all of the hardwork, karma will bring you success. :)

  • @doitvoluntarily

    congrats on the launch!

  • @majowonline


  • @lemeonna

    Great work. Congratulations

  • @legendaesthetics

    Hey, Karen. I'd like to congratulate you on your successful start. I thought of using Kickstarter to fund my Model Rocketry project. Now, I think I'm gonna need your help with that. Do I have to make a video as you did, or just write a post explaining the process? The project would take months to complete. Do the backers expect immediate results?

  • @anaclark

    This is amazing. Good for you.

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  • @oliverknowlessss

    Looking forward for this !

  • @navneetkumar

    it takes hard work , patience and lot of other things to make a dream job into reality and you have done it , You are both inspiring and pretty . here is a cake for you giphy.gif

  • @gabrielmarian

    Congratulations! May your wishesh will be fulfilled!

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  • @skramatters

    ⛳ just when I felt the slightest bit of hope for humanity, you have to go and put a "guided journal" on trending and kill my vibe..

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    @meesterboom is this acceptable? I suppose not hehe

  • @jekhy

    Thanks for the post.

  • @aidasfg7

    Welcome back

  • @aidasfg7

    Awesome, Karensurdtudios. Great job!