Acroyoga Sunset Flow with @acromott

Today's video is shot as the sun is setting. Watch our @dtube video to see our acro moves.

In the video you will see the following moves: -hand to hand -whips

  • straddle back
  • bird pop
  • whale
  • low bird

16002986_10155702513572926_8090090053910993506_n.jpg If you want to support my art, please check out my coloring book for adults called "Life of the Wild" on Amazon. love, Karen

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  • @cryptopie

    As always you are very gracious with your formations with @acromott @karensuestudios

  • @tammyp

    Love it!! I upvotes because it was a beautifully done video and thanks for sharing ❤️❤️❤️

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  • @charamzic

    Impressive guys :)