Progress being made

Hello everyone, we know we got off on the wrong foot, and have spoken with many Steemians over the last few days, we have learned a lot about the community, and whilst still having a lot to learn, we now understand Steem a lot better than we did when we first started here.

Because of the miscommunicated and misinterpreted intention, we are where we are today, but the only way to move forward is through conversations. We’ve been making open conversations with many community leaders non-stop throughout the week to find a common ground so that we can reach consensus to a healthy Steem ecosystem together.

We're nervous that after such a difficult start to this experience that Steem users will freeze our funds again the second we're no longer occupying witness positions. We're requesting that Steem power holders tell us "We won't support witnesses that freeze funds now that more understanding has been reached." We’d like to focus on de-escalating the current situation, respect each other's needs, and reach an actionable plan. I’m happy to say we had some very productive meetings and think we will come to a solution very soon.

Meanwhile we would like to reassure you that we intend to commit to Steem for the long-term and we plan to bring a lot more value to Steem than even the value of our holding. We see the potential for growth here for both of our chains is tremendous and sincerely look forward to working with you on an ongoing basis.

TRON has been dedicated to bringing blockchain to the mass market, we’ve been building our ecosys through the years and we can’t wait to open that up to the Steem community as well:

Marketing & Distribution:

As of today TRON can reach over 600 million daily active users through our ecosys partners like BitTorrent, Opera. And we are one of the only 3 chains that have been embedded within all new Samsung phones by default. Meanwhile we welcome all Steem

Continued Development:

We are committed to the continued development as stated in the Open Letter:

Build a strong developers team Maintain Steem blockchain running in parallel with TRON Launch Smart Media Tokens Launch Cross Chain Atomic Swaps Improve Overall User Experience And Onboard More Users

More Liquidity

We will come up with a plan for more listings.

I am always happy to hear from the community about their ideas. Let’s talk about the future of the ecosystem and create a plan over the long term so that more people may enjoy using our world-changing blockchain platforms.

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  • @darrenfj

    Deja Vu

  • @ravenkim

    @tipu curate

  • @numberofthingz

    Please join the Steem Dapp Community ! Let's make Steem great again!

  • @jozef230

    I'm glad you're opening your eyes. We, like family, stick to each other for good. It will probably be a long time when we respect you. Talk a lot and don't fuss. You are good at marketing so promote steemit well.

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  • @rondras

    This sound great - but having read everything you have written and said before, I am a bit afraid that this might be just words. But what counts is facts. Remove your votes now and everything will look a lot more relaxed. Of course you are risking that witnesses freeze your stake again - but there is nothing without risk in this situation. If you do nothing - you risk to lose your community - which would make the stake worthless anyway.

  • @lunaticpandora

    I'm glad to see some de-escalation. Would love some statements on Twitter as well, there's a lot of wounds to mend.

  • @itstime

    It was a soft fork and never meant to "steal your funds" regardless if you hold your end of bargain:

    We are committed to the continued development as stated in the Open Letter: Build a strong developers team Maintain Steem blockchain running in parallel with TRON Launch Smart Media Tokens Launch Cross Chain Atomic Swaps Improve Overall User Experience And Onboard More Users

    I don't think another soft fork or equivalent action will be supported , atleast from my point of view.

    Worst case scenario - you want to control governance and don't want to codify the non voting nature of stake , community will probably hard fork and make a new coin.

    In no case will I support nullifying or equivalent action for your stake on the original STEEM coin.

  • @holoz0r

    If you have no interest in governance, remove the witness votes on all stake controlled by Steemit Inc, Tron Foundation, Yourself, and those associated. Force this stake to be non-voting as per the requests made in the community town hall.

    The exchanges that powered up and got us all into this situation can then powerdown over the standard 13 week timeframe just like every other user who chooses to do so.

    Then, together, we can start from scratch - and make more content on Steem that isn't about Steem, get more page views, more revenue and success for content creators, which will lead to more value of holders of the Steem token.

    Steem has the potential to be just like Patreon for creators. Make this happen.

  • @inertia

    Welcome to Steem.

  • @markkujantunen

    The plan sounds great. I sincerely hope all get a positive return out this!

  • @edgy-ed-morrison

    I've heard a lot about you, Justin Sun. Hopefully you become peaceful with the community, do the right thing with the ninja stake, and no one forks the chain in a malicious way.

  • @zaibkang

    @justinsunsteemit If you care about steem and steemit and you want to work together with steem community please remove or disable your witnesses ,your stakes are safe nobody can lock it without consensus and support of steem community

  • @roundbeargames

    If you wanna de-escalate, stop talking about tron AND show the community that you have no interest in steem governance. The majority of steemians dont wanna be forced to swap their steem for random tron tokens (which you control). Do you not realize that this post is another escalation on your part?

  • @revan746

    Qaqa sən @ned -ın ayaqqabısını geyə bilərsən amma onun yerişini yeriyə bilmərsən, ağıllı ol, hörmətli ol. Çaşma, brat.

  • @joshman

    When should I check twitter for the opposite hot take?

  • @oldtimer

    Good progress. Find some reasonable and competent people for the talks. And please stop using the word fuck. I mean, you're some kind of CEO or something.

  • @rollie1212

    So first you bla bla with de escalation then start escalating again. People simply do not believe u(

  • @bobskibob

    Your stake should not be voting in governance.

  • @pfunk

    We all hear a lot of positive talk, and then get a lot of negative actions against Steem and its community. Did nobody teach you actions speak louder than words?

    Because of the miscommunicated and misinterpreted intention, we are where we are today,

    At the very least, hearing some responsibility taken for where we started down this path is good. But you'll have to follow through with actions like removing your votes for the attack witnesses.

  • @carn

    Less about Tron please.

    That said, we will hold the witnesses to any promises they make with you

  • @cwow2

    Any witnesses there can confirm the trueness of this post?

  • @fknmayhem

    Do you like Steem or do you just want to fuck Steem?

  • @aagabriel


    Is your book available in English?

  • @daltono

    I’m ready to help Steem grow to a gargantuan size. I’m happy to have anybody else who wishes to do the same join in on our mission, as long as we treat each other fairly always. Otherwise I’m not interested in teaming up.

  • @m31

    Day and night. On twitter our witnesses are bashed as malicious hackers, on Steem you promise us grand plans if we won't support witnesses that freeze funds.

    Some people will call this post progress, but we have had this dance already like 3 times and every time after Sunshine rain of lies and false narrative comes down elsewhere.

    You will have a lot of work and mending of trust to do if you wish that this community accepts you.

    Removing your sock puppet witnesses would be a start and a public apology for the lies both here on Steem and on twitter.

  • @ats-david

    Given your erratic behavior on Twitter following every town hall with witnesses or the community and all of the various statements you’ve made completely trashing the actual community’s elected witnesses, I just don’t find your words to be... credible.

    One day you claim that you just want your money and want to leave. The next day you claim you want to stick around and build the community and pump money into development and marketing.

    What should we believe? Are you the Justin that tricks exchanges into centralizing the platform by powering up their custodial funds? Or are you the Justin that wants to get STEEM listed on all major exchanges to help the community?

    Are you the Justin that wants to de-escalate, get along with everyone, and have a good relationship with the community? Or are you the Justin that writes profanity-laden vote bribery posts and calls elected community witnesses “malicious hackers?”

    Are you the Justin that likes the Steem blockchain and ecosystem? Or are you the Justin that just wants to [email protected] Steem?

    I don’t know which Justin this is. I don’t know if I can believe or trust this Justin. I don’t know if I’m going to wake up tomorrow and see the Steem blockchain taken over by your 20 sock puppet witnesses again with the help of colluding exchanges.

    Your credibility is shot. It’s going to take a lot more than a blog post to change that. If you want to take the first step...

    Unapprove your witness accounts, take them offline, and allow our community witnesses to do what they were elected to do.

    If you’re not willing to do that, then your words are meaningless and we have no reason to believe that this Justin Sun cares about Steem and its community.

  • @michealb

    Wasn't happy when your funds where frozen, also not happy with the crap i read you posting on twitter.

    My current trust / confidence level is zero. I'm hoping what ever needs to be done is done so i may continue doing what i enjoy - reading and rewarding blogs i like.

  • @crypticat

    Justin, you can't win our trust back that easily. What you did and how you sounded in that meeting implies you started off on the wrong foot and not Steem people. It's your mistake.

    We did not get off on the wrong foot, you did, you narcissist. Using the word "we" numerous times in your post does not change the fact that you are being hostile and still believe that 65 million Steem isn't for the community. I don't care for your witnesses and hope that someone like you never controls Steem. That will be the day that the value crashes.

    Leave us alone to our own governance and drop your power play.

  • @tcpolymath

    I believe 22.2 was inappropriate and would be glad to see a movement of legitimate witnesses who rejected it going forward. However, my opinion on this is practically irrelevant. Steem distribution is so incredibly centralized that there are only about two dozen users whose voice actually matters for voting witnesses in or out of the top 20. The largest one seems to have a policy of never talking to anyone, at least in public; several of the others are the very witnesses who instituted the fork in the first place. So I think it's very reasonable for you to be worried about the fork being reinstated, and I doubt you'll get any reassurance on that front short of coming to a public agreement with the existing witnesses. They have quite effectively engineered the chain to ensure that the userbase cannot reasonably vote them out of office.

  • @team-mexico

    These thoughts now benefit everyone, good progress for both communities. We are here all ready to work together, excellent message. We must work fairly and all people must understand that. :)

  • @scooter77

    After all of your actions and the obvious duping of the exchanges (whether they were aware or not) how can the wider community trust you?

    You are now in the situation where YOU need to earn the trust of the community back, not the other way around. I personally don't agree with the freezing of anyone's funds on this network, but I do agree with blocking the witness voting privileges of Exchanges (not their coins) and the Steemit stake that was pre-mined and clearly stated to be used for developmental purposes. You could then dump the coins if you want. Powerdown and exit, or use them to vote content, etc.

    With all of the actions you have taken lately, TRUST from the community will be hard to come by.....

    Your actions will speak louder than words. Work with the other witnesses to implement a fork that blocks the witness voting privileges of the Steemit stake and exchanges. That would probably be a good first step.

    You don't own STEEM, you are a component of the community with a stake.

  • @steemitri

    Do you like STEEM or you just want to FORK STEEM!?!?! HNWT6DgoBc14riaEeLCzGYopkqYBKxpGKqfNWfgr368M9UpKKsvfwePjKDtjpXkj93x6Xr5fvkju9jutw3PWbdhPHZ9Sce22QfX4z5jrZ3Vf7RB6BDeq51bHf2v.jpeg

  • @netuoso

    Because of the miscommunicated and misinterpreted intention, we are where we are today, but the only way to move forward is through conversations

    Wait a second where have I seen that before?

    Oh yeah.. from the @steemit account that you control and are using to talk to yourself! Haha @justinsunsteemit are you a business man or a child?




  • @aschatria

    You know what if you did not get it till now - because of your actions against us all you are not welcome and especially NOT after yesterday's stunt on Twitter where you try to leech more juice out of Binance by horrendously lying. At this point nobody believes you anymore and this advertising post makes no impact. We will support our witnesses which we elected and not you and your fake accounts. I don't want anything to run parallel to STEEM anywhere, especially not your worthless 1 cent gambling chip and your army of useless apps. I do not want that STEEM has anything in common with you and your tarnished public image. The best idea for you is to take what you can get and leave.

  • @clockwork

    are you bipolar or something?

  • @brianoflondon

    Remove your witness votes.

    Start Power Down on Steemit's ninja mined coins. Do not even think of moving these coins out.

    Set that stake to permanent non voting status.

    Apologise for calling the entire community thieves and hackers for protecting our jointly owned chain.

    Wait for further instructions.

  • @orcish

    I see that top witnesses are starting to switch to 22.1 so de-escalation is happening on our side so we need to start seeing it on your side.

  • @enjar

    Build a strong developers team

    Most of the top talent left Steemit Inc. So, yes it’s going need to be built.

    Maintain Steem blockchain running

    Your sock puppet witnesses have not updated price feeds in 3 days. The witnesses have already state it needs to be updated.

    A large portion of content creators have lost over a week of productivity due to this siege on our blockchain. It's been hell for them thinking they are going to lose there home and everything they have build over the past years.

    Launch Smart Media Tokens

    I would hope so with how close it is to be doing. You more or less just have to walk it across the goal post.

    Launch Cross Chain Atomic Swaps

    Glad to see the proper technical language being used.

    Improve Overall User Experience And Onboard More Users

    That is badly needed. Most have went to other front ends due to poor user experience, annoying ads, and lack of functionally to keep up with what the blockchain has been evolving into.

    While I had years of SEO and backlinking to my content built up on Steemit frontend website. I use another front end mostly these days for better functionality.

    We're nervous

    I’m disappointed by how you and the Steemit Inc team have handled things over the past week.

  • @trafalgar

    Hello Justin

    I can only represent the ~1m SP worth of stake I hold

    I believe you committed to this venture in good faith and saw the potential in our platform. I was one of the few who did not support the initial softfork that froze your account. To the defense of those involved, there were certainly a number of somewhat alarming signs at the time that made them nervous.

    If nothing else, this misunderstanding has made me fully appreciate the resources you wield and influence you exert, for example with exchanges, which is surely useful to us. Conversely, I hope you now truly realize the value of the impact an active and passionate community can have, even if we're a smaller crypto project. Imagine the things that can be achieved if we worked together rather than against each other.

    This was a shaky start but working with each other has immense potential. I believe your sincerity in wanting to create value for both Steem and Tron, and have no intention of interfering with governance but only resorted to such actions to protect your own stake. I hope other Steem community members can agree with me here.

    Either way I have always been against the freezing of funds regardless of your intentions, and hereby attest to the extent my stake allows (~1m), my witness votes will be allocated in a way that provides your funds safe passage out.

    As far as I'm concerned, your keys, your funds. I find the effort of trying to seize them under the pretense of a series of vague representations made by Ned or Dan or whatever to be far too weak to consider breaking consensus rules for.

  • @smooth

    It is clear you still don't understand anything at all about Steem, its community or history, and are just trying to sweet talk your way into grabbing the ninja-mine stake and cashing it out.

    Maybe you can trick some exchanges into helping you centralize the network and override community governance, but you can't trick us.

    If you want to demonstrate some good faith, stop repeating the bullheaded and self-serving claims about "your funds", and recognize and acknowledge the well-documented history and context of the ninja-mined stake as a form of dev fund, which many here sincerely, resolutely, and justifiably see you (with Ned's traitorous assistance, we are well aware) as attempting to steal, leaving in its place no real, credible, and enforceable commitment to Steem and/or its community.

    When you are prepared to at least start with that acknowledgement, perhaps there is a way that a path forward can be forged, in which the dev fund is used as intended to develop the ecosystem, and you are simultaneously able to guide your business forward and achieve great success and profits with the enthusiastic support of the incredible Steem community. Though, frankly, given your demonstrated erratic, immature and unprofessional behavior, lack of credibility, despicable underhandedness and personal dishonesty, I still see huge obstacles. Maybe you can start, with a little humility and candor, to rebuild your stature here. Maybe.


    SP holder who isn't going to promise a damn thing to you and even if you promised me something, I wouldn't believe it.

  • @freebornangel

    This is a good start. I was just coming to encourage you not to let the tough crowd get to you, but it appears you beat me to the punch.

    It will be much better to dump at 5usd than .20usd, yes?

    Smteees! changes the paradigm, everybody will split up into their various bubbles. Then we can talk about governance in less hectic times.

    Nobody wants to dispossess you, we just don't want anybody doing it to us, either. You've met Ned, we've had him forced on us since Dan went away. He kneecapped us with linear rewards, delegated to his pets, let bid bots abuse us, and went on a two year walkabout only to come back and f**k us, again. We are a little emotional over all that. Forgive us.

    As it is now, with the right steps you can walk among us as a god. Take the price to a dollar and everybody will be very friendly, again.

    PS, please update your witness price feeds, they are screwing up the math.

  • @will-richards

    I am looking forward to you regaining community trust and implementing trustless solutions where possible. I support the fungibility of cryptocurrency accoun

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  • @okean123

    The morning after, when the alcohol loses it's effect, huh? jcrbqx.jpg

  • @eturnerx

    Actions speak louder than words. It will take time to build trust.

  • @californiacrypto

    You were saying different things on Twitter about 11 hours ago. Obviously all of us want whats good for this chain as investors of time and or money. We all want an agreement to move forward together, no one wins in a stalemate. I agree everything started off on a wrong foot all because there was no communication. I don’t think you understood what you purchased and if anyone fucked you it was Ned. Im ok with the 4 week power down the witnesses thought about implementing in the past for all accounts. Justin and Witnesses put egos aside and the past in the past and figure out how to make this work for the community moving forward.

  • @tryp

    non-stop throughout the week to find a common ground so that we can reach consensus to a healthy Steem ecosystem together.

    A consensus on what exactly? What needs to happen here is exactly what was happening before you bought out steemit.

    You got scammed by Ned, its shitty and I hope everything works out for you. But if he didnt tell you what those funds were for then it is him that needs to pay you back. Don't take your anger out on steem, and don't try and make the community look like the bad guys here.

    We're nervous that after such a difficult start to this experience that Steem users will freeze our funds again the second we're no longer occupying witness positions.

    Trust me dude, if Ned got to keep all the money then you have nothing to worry about. Nobody wants to set the precedent that it is ok to freeze someones wallet.

    But this is a weird situation. That wasn't Neds money that you bought. That steem was for every steem user present and future.

    If it wasn't for that promise that Ned made then Steem may have never even gotten off the ground. And at the very least many of the major investors would have been much more cautious.

    Edit: I don't have anything invested in this platform. I tried with multiple accounts to get into it, but it always felt weird to post here. I'm probably going to go back to lurking when this drama clears.

    But as afraid as you are of losing your money, the people here are afraid of losing theirs. A soultion can be reached, but its going to heavily rely on what you do with the 15 percent of steem in your possession that was meant to help the community.

    Also, thank you for the upvote, but its probably better off going to someone else.

  • @crokkon

    I wonder who actually wrote this post? The writing style/grammar changed quite significantly between posts from this account...

  • @rival

    To who are you talking? Lol 🕺

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  • @d00k13

    First remove your sock puppets and give up your battle for control to the rightful rulers and maybe we can talk about a future!

    One Blood, One People, One Love

  • @midlet

    @justinsunsteemit, a lot of us here REALLY wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, but looking at twitter today, it's really hard to know what you're actually thinking. As a lot of people have mentioned your behavior is erratic to say the least.

    I understand that you're afraid your funds will be frozen, so here's a solution. Obviously you have enough Steem Power to vote in more than 4 witnesses, I can just about guarantee you that none of these witnesses would nullify your stake as that would destroy all credibility of the Steem blockchain.

    If you remove your votes and allow consensus witnesses to regain their positions that would be an amazing first step and show the community that you were willing to take the first leap of faith toward progress between you and the community. Right now, to the community, to the press, to the crypto community, you are the villain in all this. Instead of trying to control the narrative by manipulating the facts on twitter, try to control it by taking strong decisive action to PROVE that you mean what you say.

    In this current standoff the Steem Community loses very little by dragging this out and it feels like your reputation is tanking more and more by the minute. It's time to take a chance.

    As per your request. I would absolutely not support an action to nullify your stake or to freeze it. I would however support declining your voting rights, but I think that's something you should offer up as a show of good will to the community.

  • @steevc

    Trust is won or lost through deeds. I trusted our established witnesses to act honourably. They would not have blocked your funds indefinitely or extended the block to other accounts. You called them malicious hackers and have written various posts that do not inspire confidence. It looks like you misled the exchanges and have been suggesting unworkable changes to Steem. This community is small, but we have strong principles. Work with us and we can achieve great things.

    Your move.

  • @jacuzzi

    @justinsunsteemit I am confused by your words. Please back them up by action.

    I want to embrace this partnership and see Steem and Tron grow. Hell, I think a partnership can moon both Tron and Steem.

    Give the roller coaster you put the community on the last few days... if you wish to win the hearts and minds of Steem, you got to take the first steps and make Large action happen on your part.

    In war, no one wins. In peace, everyone wins.

    I am no Steem master, but happy to help if you need someone to talk to.

  • @clayboyn

    (TLDR at the bottom)

    I have no idea if any of this is genuine or if you really even care what we have to say on this matter, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and give you some honest feedback on this situation and where we go from here.

    Anything you ask for or want to see happen at the moment feels like you are doing so from a place of holding our chain hostage. Anything the witnesses or community ask for likely feels like we're trying to hold your funds hostage. We need to find a way to prevent this from being a zero-sum game.

    Let's say we give you the benefit of the doubt, we accept that you were misled on this investment and we can all accept and understand that you reacted defensively to protect what in your mind is "your stake." Let's also assume that no one here wants to rob you or hurt you and many of us would have been completely fine without any of this ever happening.

    My strong suggestion to see deescalation is to remove these witness accounts that you made and remove the Poloniex votes and power down that account. We want to deescalate this situation and have a conversation, but I think you need to understand our perspective to why that hardfork 22.2 was put into place.

    Our understanding and expectations of the Steemit Inc stake was obviously very different from yours. We all want to see this chain develop and grow. Immediately after the deal became public we were seeing Tweets about token swaps and merging our chain into Tron. That is an unacceptable outcome for most people in the STEEM community.

    We gave no consent for Ned or Steemit Inc to make this deal. Purchasing a company that has repeatedly said the stake they hold was not to be used for blockchain governance and was mined exclusively for developing the platform means that our expectations of that company and stake transferred to you.

    We all want a win-win situation here. If you want to win any kind of trust from this community you need to stand down on influencing our governance and do the thing that Ned and Steemit Inc never did and actually communicate with us and start SHOWING us that you want to be here and make things happen instead of just TALKING about it like many people felt they always did.

    I think you should also understand that at this point, fighting over the fork like this, the best case scenario I see for you winning is you end up with a shell of chain that has no value. The community will fork and carry on without you if you can't SHOW us some kind of reason to get behind you and have faith that you want to do good things here and not just make some quick money.

    To recap and sum things up:

    • The only path forward where there's any chance of a win-win situation requires you to get rid of those witnesses that you created and stop the exchanges from influencing our governance.
    • From there it's on you to communicate with us and show us that you mean what you say and are willing to listen to what we have to say and not just force your ideas on us.
    • I can assure you that no matter how heated things got and how bad all of this may have looked, having passionate people that care about this blockchain and are willing to fight for it is a good thing and many of them will be willing to work towards making this place better with you if you can show us that you are willing to work together and have some faith in us.
  • @friendlystranger

    Thank you. I will consider voting for you. Finally, one investor here. Until now almost all witnesses here were in constant power down, voting for each others. Upon their governance STEEM lost thousands of users and declined much more than any other top coin.

    You are the first witness who bought his stake. You don't need to rush. They are selling while you are buying. That is the big difference. Don't need to be Warren Buffet to figure out what is better for STEEM future.

  • @whatsthatcryptom

    Thank you for your communication. We know that your intentions are good and really hope you can push this blockchain to the next level! Welcome to Steem, let's make some f money

  • @erikah

    Your bi polar behaviour has convinced us you can't be trusted. You post or tweet something, then you delete it. You say promising things at the meetings, then you're stabbing us in the back.

    **Trust must me earned and you can't buy or manipulate our community! **

    I wish I can trust you.

  • @mamalikh13

    I just hope you words are genuine but I doubt it boy! I need to see more from you and your team!

  • @brennanhm

    We, the token holders, entrust our duly elected witnesses to make decisions on our behalf, and in the best interests of the entire Steem community. Our representatives made the decision to temporarily freeze the SteemIt funds because, despite multiple requests, you would not clarify your intentions or acknowledge prior agreements SteemIt had with the community. All we wanted was clarification from you. Then, like a totalitarian dictator, completely neglecting thousands of Steem voters, you colluded with exchanges to remove our representatives and force in your sock-puppet witnesses (that didn't even run the price feeds and screwed up the operation of the network). You interfered with our democracy and damaged the network at the same time. Your actions go against the fundamental principles of decentralization and democracy. To begin the process of making amends with the community, I would request that you first remove your sock-puppet witnesses and return power to our duly elected witnesses.

  • @luegenbaron

    Give me back my steem on Binance RIGHT NOW!

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  • @therealwolf

    One thing I agree on: we started on the wrong foot.

    Now, whether or not it gets normal again, depends on whether or not you're removing those witness votes and promise to stay true to your word.

    Because, right now, you've shown that you say one thing but do something completely different afterwards.

    It could also help, if you were to try to understand the position you put us witnesses in, when purchasing the Steemit Inc stake. It's nor your fault, it's Ned's and the fact that this stake even exists.

    If you would have purchased 70M STEEM over the counter on exchanges, NOBODY would have frozen your account: I promise you, NOBODY. But the stake from Steemit Inc is something different. Many of us are disgusted by @ned, so the negative motions we attribute to the Steemit Inc stake & Ned, were also transferred to you on that purchase.

    I understand that this can't feel good to you. I've got a lot of empathy for you, which is why I'm always trying to negotiate between the different sides of the community.

    So please, don't do anything irrational. Try to understand us witnesses and the stakeholders who are here for many years and let's find a way together to make this blockchain & project superb.

  • @joelgonz1982

    I know that they don't agree with the way you made a drastic decision to take out the 20 main witnesses and place 20 witnesses created by you.

    Previously, I loved writing on Steemit and I became addicted to this page. I spent more than 14 hours a day reading, writing and commenting on great publications, but the magic I saw in Steem was disappearing, since it became a monopoly where the strongest are what they have control and if you did not invest in buying votes, me posts ended in 0.

    I live in a country where our economy is hit by the economic sanctions imposed by the US. I saw in steem an economic relief for me and my family, I came to live a time with the profits generated by my publications on steemit until the bots arrived.

    I lost the illusion of continuing on steemit, and I removed the little steempower that I had won in 1 year and a half that I had active on the page waiting for a change to get back to write, I hope that change starts soon, I know that you have the power to change the entire steem ecosystem but do it the right way, be patient and go step by step don't make drastic change lightly, check with community leaders that doesn't count.

    I hope that steemit is again the same steemit 3 years ago, where it is worth a try and write great articles where our efforts are well rewarded, and not be begging because a whale give you a vote on our publications.

    Currently there is no way to encourage a user to continue writing because the reality is that if you do not invest in paid votes you are screwed, we see many users who do not have the way to invest in steem I include myself among them and I hope that Steemit change and let better things come.

    I would like write and have my publications recognized by my effort.

  • @steemzzang

    There is no fault of you. If what you want is the prosperity of steem, I hope it will come true.

  • @ausbitbank

    Please be aware that all previous meetings have been made public before making statements about how effective they were. From my perspective, the most effective meeting of the last month happened on twitter with Binance last night, as we all disputed your malicious lies about our witnesses and our community.

    Using the steemit twitter account to amplify your lies in a panic was also amusing to watch, but only further removed trust in the SteemIT brand.

    Your future vague promises mean nothing to me while you are continuing to actively spread lies far and wide, and while you still occupy consensus witness positions with your badly configured sockpuppets (FIX YOUR PRICE FEEDS).

    Regardless, I'll continue to spend 18+ hours a day working to resolve the clusterfuck you have created and continue to double down on, for the sake of the community.

    Everyone has a potential path to redemption, but yours will be long imho.

    So - Are you ready to genuinely engage with us ? Or do you just want to fuck us?

  • @swirly

    It's already been said countless times above. pull the sock puppets. Can't help but laugh that u been here what, a week, and have rep higher than ppl that been here from near the beginning.

    Thanks for doing what u did. Reminds the poor people where they stand.

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @valued-customer

    I'm uncomfortable with you possessing enough stake to centralize governance of Steem. I'm sure you can understand. I don't want your funds. I want you to have them, and enjoy the hell out of them. You want your funds, and you have said you don't want to govern Steem - but you did take control of Steem, and the witnesses froze your funds. How can we both be happy?

    There is code built into the Steem blockchain that allows you to decline voting rights for your accounts. I'll be all kinds of comfortable with you owning ALL the Steem you want if you execute that code and I know you cannot seize the blockchain again.

    I'd support addition to that code that specified that when executed those funds can't be frozen. Basically exchange the threat to centralize Steem for being freeze proof.

    Also, I'll feel comfortable with the exchanges executing the same code. Wouldn't want them to fail at their fiduciary duty to their customers by seizing their customers funds and using them to deliver total control of the Steem blockchain to you again. Let's keep their money safu too. Pretty sure both the exchanges and you need to execute that code, as amended per my above proposal if you want, before I enjoy Roy Liu's mouthfuls of nothing, or you talking out both ends of your mouth, again.

    There's been a lot of conversating, and most of it was Roy avoiding saying anything. I don't want to hear Roy avoid saying anything anymore, or you saying two different things. Just act to end the threat to the blockchain and keep your money safu.

    Once this is resolved, I'd love to take a gander at any plans or roadmaps you have to make your Steem more valuable. I'd dearly love to see that happen after going so long with so little to show for it. However, Imma need to see you act in good faith now, before I can get past the bad faith we've seen so far.

    Ball's in your court.

  • @bryan-imhoff

    We're requesting that Steem power holders tell us "We won't support witnesses that freeze funds now that more understanding has been reached.

    I’m not one of the largest stakeholders but am significant compared to some. I can state my position.

    I would unapprove any witness who once again initiates a full freeze of your funds. I would continue supporting witnesses if the soft fork is reinstated in such a way as to only block witness votes. This should be agreeable to you if your stated stance that you do not wish to participate in governance is honest.

    In the interim I would encourage witnesses to revisit the possibility of changes to the governance model such that even large amounts of stake have much more difficulty controlling 17+ witness seats.

    I fully believe it was a Herculean effort by the witnesses to attain consensus on freezing your funds, and it was a precaution pending meetings and discussions on your plans and intent. As such I see no risk that your funds will be destroyed. The much greater risk is the destruction of your investments value should failed negotiations lead to a split of the chain.

  • @cloudspyder

    We have heard and read everything we want and to hear as well as all the lies. I am not against you because your Justin Sun but I am against on what you just deed. Money can't buy everything...

  • @prettynicevideo

    watch my live stream ill answer you. I dont bite. Im happy to read this I am. Maybe I can give you some perspective.Not negative. here

  • @atego

    You have my respect for this step however, I find that you should have a say about Witnesse ( maybe 5 ) VgA🙂

  • @guiltyparties

    We're requesting that Steem power holders tell us "We won't support witnesses that freeze funds now that more understanding has been reached."

    This statement is against the basic tenets of decentralization and freedom of individual decision and is both highly unethical and dangerous for the secure and balanced operation of the Steem blockchain.

    Messages like these show that you distrust the community as a whole, irrespective of whether they are from Germany, Australia, Korea, Poland, US, etc. You require their written statements to trust them. And even then you are jeopardizing their investment by running fake witness servers. Understanding can't be reached if you can't respect stakeholders by showing that you trust them and restoring the decentralized governance they have selected.

    The stakeholders have also seen similar messages before, approximately a year ago.

  • @bobinson

    @justinsunsteemit - The community IMHO is looking forward for the following and nothing else and these are choices and are non-negotiable.

    1. Funds for the Steem blockchain, various Steem dApps provided by the entity acquired Steemit, Inc by donating the funds to the SPS

    2. Block voting by decline_voting_rights operation, using code as promised in 2016 & explained here :

    3. Act responsibility and give respect on and off the chain. Give respect and take the respect is an old proverb you can learn a lot from.


  • @abitcoinskeptic


    The government of the Steem blockchain (consensus witnesses) determined that you illegally bought and used Steem from Steemit.

    22.2 was the last legitimate action. I didn't want it to come to that, but given your stubbornness they probably had no choice.

    Further you lied to exchanges to trick them to illegally use customers funds to vote.

    Those exchange funds were safe until you made them unsafe.

    There is no understanding until you admit it is not yours.

    All you bought is Steemit and half the employees immediately quit.

    Stop voting witnesses so we can take it back. 100% is not your. Get off this blockchain.

  • @chekohler

    After all that's gone on, you'll have to realise that talk is cheap in this regard, you're going to have to extend real olive branches if you want to get people on board with you. There is a healthy distrust of anything you say as you have been erratic at best. Let's pick one narrative and run with it instead of this up and down and side to side trying to best one another, sometimes the path of least resistance may be the best way forward

  • @ybanezkim26

    From an ordinary user's perspective and from someone who has been constantly battling misinformation and disinformation that you started on Twitter, these words won't mean anything to me as long as you won't retract all the negative comments you had about Steem and the community.

  • @thecryptodrive

    Dear Justin. when you first came to Steem your plan was to move our token to Tron as can be seen by this news statement what you fail to realise is that there are over 400 apps and tools on Steem, all of which would stop functioning the minute you did that to Steem as they are not interoperable on Tron.

    I came to you in private DM on Twitter introducing myself as a consensus witness and dapp business owner. I was concerned about the way communications were being handled and what the fate of Steem apps would be.

    You didm’t even bother to respond to me, which further solidified the fact that you were here for a hostile takeover and didn’t care about existing dapps and businesses.

    If you can’t even give me the decency of a hello, how can I trust you to represent my best interests and those of my business on Steem?

    Just because you have more money than me doesn’t mean you are above me, in the end both of us will revert to dust and be exactly the same.

    You have alot to prove to me still before I can believe you.

  • @mindtrap

    You are probably the best thing that has happened to Steem in a long time. But that’s ONLY because people all over the web have seen first hand what true decentralization really means.

    You are the reason we are more united than ever before.

    Now imagine having spent all this energy to earn our trust instead of trying to tear us apart. You talk about trust yet your accounts keep bringing in Steem in an attempt to regain control of the top 20...

    Until I see Poloniex removing their votes from your puppet accounts, and also your votes using Steemit Inc’s stake...I don’t believe a single word. Period


    I'm used to seeing the Good Cop, Bad Cop trope but it's not usually the same person playing both roles.

    I hear you listening to witnesses and taking reassurance and then going postal on Twitter, spreading lies and misinformation.

    Perhaps you need to step back lock your Twitter and Steem passwords away, go on holiday and let someone more stable negotiate a way out.

    No one trusts you.

  • @theycallmedan

    Hello, Justin. As @inertia said, Welcome to Steem. It's been a rough start.

    I speak on behalf of myself only, as the 3rd biggest community elected proxy voter & I am the 3rd largest Steem hodler on the entire blockchain.

    I leave emotions out of things and think of business logic first. I am not here to be anti-Tron nor do I have any desire to continue battling you if you were to remove the sock puppet witnesses currently occupying our blockchain.

    In order to move forward, you will need to retract your "hacker" statements. Now that you know the truth those statements should be retracted and an apology is needed.

    Steem has lived with the Ninjamined stake, promised since day 1 that would not vote and be used for community development. Steemit INC (USA based company) provided guarantees to the community about how the funds would be used. We never locked Steemit INCs funds, nor forked him out.

    As a show of good fate, I would like you to remove the sock puppet witnesses, so we can talk on the same level rather than from a hostage standpoint.

    "Meanwhile we would like to reassure you that we intend to commit to Steem for the long-term and we plan to bring a lot more value to Steem than even the value of our holding. We see the potential for growth here for both of our chains is tremendous and sincerely look forward to working with you on an ongoing basis."

    These are the type of statements Steemit INC made since day one. That is why a lot of investors invested in this ecosystem because we knew there would be funding for future development. I would like you to publically renounce interfering in our governance with the Ninjamined stake. These are not demands, this is me letting you know what I would feel comfortable with as a large stakehodler on this platform. The current 30% of the Steem supply is enough to cause strain on decentralized governance.

    In the town hall talks, you said you would be willing to donate a chunk to the SPS (Steem DAO) to help fund development and further decentralize the stake, as always intended. This would lower the amount you hodl thus lower the threat of a possible takeover if you ever go back on your word.

    You ask us to say we won't support witnesses that freeze funds. Asking us to agree to that spins the narrative. We can agree that we started off on the wrong foot, there were no ill intentions at all. Ned did a shady deal without informing you, and with the hostile token swap/migration marketing, lack of communication, Zion account voting SRs in, Ned keeping all this a secret, and weeks of time passing, the witnesses implemented an easy to reverse soft fork. I, OF COURSE, would NEVER support any malicious witnesses that went "rogue" to freeze user funds. I have never voted for a malicious witness and I won't start today.

    Regardless of the thoughts here, we can agree there was no ill intent. We simply wanted to inform you of what you purchased and see how you would react. From there we can either fork if we disagree and move on or work together if the plan sounds good. At least we wouldn't be blindsided. So if users want to "fork" out your stake, that would create a new chain and we would have Steem and the new chain. I would not support anyone forcibly taking anything away from you nor anyone else. From the VERY beginning, we wanted to know your intent. This is all voluntary.

    Getting exchanges to vote was the worse thing you could have done and I hope you understand it is best to communicate directly with us asap when you have concerns.

    With all of this said, of course, I would not support any witness with ill intent, meaning to cause harm to our blockchain.

    Once you remove the puppets, and you do what you say you're going to do in that open letter, I believe there is a shot at keeping the community here. Any funny business and it will lead to a fork and split the chain. I believe a fork is ineviable at this point, but I will never give up on STEEM, and I will always vote for community elected witnesses here. If there comes a day you retake the entire network and force us on tron, I will consider it game over and would move on at that point. But as long as we have community elected witnesses that have even a remote shot at getting in, I will stay here fighting the entire time. We just want our home decentralized, we don't want 1 person to make all the rules. So if there is going to be a fork, and you're publically promising to do the right thing, it puts us back at the same place we were with Ned.

    I really dislike Ned. I don't really dislike you. I really disliked a lot of what you said and did, but I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt with the rough start. Regardless it does not matter what I think, STEEM is here, if you stand down and release our chain, let's at least see what happens from there.

  • @appics

    Hello Justin! Could we arrange a talk with you and the TRON team together with the steem-based dApps owners? I'm sure we all have questions as to what this acquisition will bring for the future of our dApps. One question for example, is there a solution planned for instant / free account creation? This is a crucial step for mass adoption and waiting a few weeks (as the process is at the moment) makes you lose a lot of potential users.

    Also, in @steemitblog's open letter, it said that cross-chain atomic swaps will also include SMT tokens.

    Cross Chain Atomic Swaps (CCAS) CCAS will use a combination of Hashed Timelocked Contracts (HTLC) and Header Only Verification (HOV) to seamlessly move tokens (STEEM, TRC-20s, and SMTs) between TRON and Steem.

    Is this still planned ?

  • @nonameslefttouse

    I am always happy to hear from the community about their ideas. Let’s talk about the future of the ecosystem and create a plan over the long term so that more people may enjoy using our world-changing blockchain platforms.

    Hey Justin. Remember me?

    You've offered a calm message this time around so I don't mind returning the favor.

    That quote above. Those are your words. Therefore these words make you happy, according to you.

    It's difficult to talk about the future. I've spoken about the future on plenty of occasions, in the past. Not once did I ever mention, in writing, how I envisioned this place falling apart due to what some may consider to be a hostile takeover. It never crossed my mind to write something like that.

    Knowing I was never able to predict these current events makes talking about the future from where we stand today seem futile. The things I used to say about the future of this platform were quite promising at the time. Where we stand today, everything I ever said in the past about seeing a promising future here, unfortunately, was wrong. I don't see a future now.

    I'll begin seeing the future again once you step down from governance. That's your button to push, not mine.

    You haven't even had a chance to see what we're all about. This disaster is taking center stage. Would you buy a newspaper with 50 pages that all said the same thing? Probably not.

    Those creating the content that draws the eyes in have basically been forced out of work, or they're sitting here trying to get through to you. This situation needs to be resolved so you can sit back and actually see for yourself how awesome your purchase is. You bought a shiny new toy but so far you've placed it on the shelf and it's only collecting dust.

    The ball has been in your park for a long time. We're all sitting in the stands, waiting for you to pick it up. The crowd won't cheer until you pick it up. You're getting booed because you're not performing. People paid good money to be here.

    Be a good person. Do the right thing. Then we'll talk about the future.

  • @sanjeevm

    7 things that destroys us.jpg

    So you must correct it, first bring some morality and workship and then I believe everything should be fine quickly.

  • @pharesim

    The funds are not yours. You bought them from a liar and thief, you will have to solve that with him. We don't owe you anything. The only way to a united future is if you accept that.

    A SP holder

  • @vermithrax

    "We won't support witnesses that freeze funds now that more understanding has been reached."

    While I do think that freezing fund is a dumb idea there is one thing I truly despise: Twenty sock puppet account in the top twenty witness spots.

    If you look through postings you will see that I'm very free speech conscious. Which is one of the reasons I have a SteemIt account. If someone tries centralise the blockchain with sock puppets I will fight that with all I have.

    We are looking at a situation where I mildly disagree with one action taken and I outright despise the other action taken. My witness votes stay where they are.

  • @irgendwo

    Nothing new here in the comments, boring...

  • @d-pend

    In order to make any progress — I cannot urge you strongly enough to remove your sock-puppet witness votes as soon as possible. That would be the most concrete sign that you are looking to move forward constructively. Without that, it will be difficult to impossible to make anything happen.

  • @urdreamscometrue

    This is great!

    We won't support witnesses that freeze funds now that more understanding has been reached.

    Of course, im your opinion and willing to support some of your witnesses therefore.

    Your plans for marketing and continued developments sounds great so far, im excited about your plan.

  • @rakkasan84

    I will never advocate for the freezing of an account especially in this current situation. The witnesses who made this move acted out of fear and in a "pre-crime, or, thought police" sense. There was no due process, no matter what your intentions with your property was.

    Bottom line, noone wants their account or funds frozen. Account recovery, in case of actual theft is available and has its function, however.

  • @afrog

    You're a liar who embezzles stock exchange money and wants to trick our

    Smart Media Token

    to Tron. Not one true, free Steemian believes a single word you say. You better get the hell out of here. Your reputation is screwed before it was even a reputation.

  • @aggroed

    When I first started here I didn't have a deep appreciation of voluntaryism; the belief that all choices should be voluntarily made. But the more Steem I experience the more I understand it's importance.

    Crypto is an odd space unlike physical space because it's so easy to pack up and leave, to forge a new path, and remove any aspect of a technology or community that people don't care for by simply walking away. Digital migration of people is practically liquid or gaseous. We're not bound by physical houses or geographical boundaries. Gathering people into communities in this space requires mutual understanding, full disclosure, and an avenue for peaceful discourse when there's disagreement.

    For our disclosure to you:

    This community has been relying on the funds inside of steemit inc accounts for four years to onboard users and develop the ecosystem. Steemit inc has been acting this way, and publicly pledging this from the beginning of the Steem blockchain. On Febuary 14th Ned exchanged external money to give up this stake and use the money for private gain.

    In the eyes of many community members this current episode amounts to an exit scam by Ned aided by Justin/Tron and facilitated through collusion with poloniex, huobi, and binance. It represents a massive portion of funding for our ecosystem, the loss of our lead blockchain development team, and a devastating financial loss to all investors if simply powered down and dumped on low liquidity exchange pairs.

    This sequence of events poses an existential risk to Steem.

    Acknowledgement of your experience

    I have listened to your position and I'm trying to understand where you are coming from. If I hear you correctly: You paid money for Steem, and believe that because you paid for it that it's your property to do as you see fit. Is this correct?


    On top of the belief that you're currently a party to an exit scam, I'm filled with righteous anger as you occupy our governance with sock puppet witnesses empowered by the very stake that I see involved in the exit scam. The only thing that tempers that anger at all is the start of dialog, which itself has been so turbulent.

    Things look grim, but at least you're talking and tacitly acknowledging some harm and a minimal amount of appreciation for our position. You're seemingly starting to accept some feedback while forming an actionable plan. Here's hoping we can make that actionable plan mutually agreeable.

    It's my hope that you can demonstrate empathy and sympathy for our claim upon that stake, and use your experience with this community to date to come to your own conclusion that you've unfortunately purchased something like property with liens or stolen goods. The title to the property in your Steemit account is far from clean.

    I'm hopeful you'll see how bad it is for all parties involved who help that story line progress. Steem is left without a development fund, multiple parties are liable for various types of fraud, and business relationships that are built on trust are eroded.

    Fixing this mess

    In order for actual consent to be given it must be freely given. At the moment I see Tron's current actions with the sock puppet witnesses as holding on chain governance hostage in an attempt to flee with developer funds meant for steem investors. It's impossible for me to make specific commitments that are honorable while I see our chain is being held hostage by these witnesses.

    I'm committed to figuring out a mutually agreeable plan that provides this community with development, governance with sovereignty, and Tron with financial opportunity.

    Please have the sock puppet accounts stand down and let's schedule some times to figure out how we get out of this mess from there. I think these are the next necessary steps to peaceful resolution.

  • @kaminchan

    I find it very difficult to believe his words! This is a trap!

    Start a hard fork sooner!!

  • @prameshtyagi

    Good to see both sides seeing each others concerns. I am personally against freezing anybody account and I am also against those who try to destroy the steem blockchain.

    Agreements can be reached if both sides respect these two from their respective sides.

  • @a1-shroom-spores

    Tron is an embarrassment. It's one "giant" spike that stabilized at 2 cents. You want Steem to be like tron? So less value & less market action?


  • @maxsieg

    powering down quicker would not increase liquidity but allow exchanges to keep a larger amount of steem in steem power to vote for your witnesses. right now exchanges are partially unable to pay out because you caused them to powerup. this decreased liquidity, as algorythmic traderes are unable to cycle trade anymore reliably.

    having large amounts of money liquidated and sold in an instant also would increase volatility.

  • @melinda010100

    Will the real Justin Sun please stand up!

  • @lukestokes

    How can we ever work in good faith with someone who thinks a Sybil attack against our blockchain is an acceptable strategy? It makes us feel “you’re just a businessman” with no understanding for blockchain technology and why decentralized consensus is so important to its security.

    I opened lines of communication with you via email, but Roy did not reply until after the softfork. You posted positively on chain about working together, but in secret you were planning an attack. Instead of a discussion, you broke trust while misleading exchanges either through deceit or incompetence understanding some basic code and how Steem patches are evaluated and deployed. You overreacted and attacked the very thing you’re claiming you want to support.

    Actions > Words

  • @berniesanders



  • @leprechaun

    Since this controversy has started the price of Steem has gone from 19 cents to 26 cents. As long as you have your witnesses, the other witnesses can not destroy your stake. As long as the old guard soft fork is in there you cannot power down and use your stake. As long as this stalemate is in place, no developer can make changes to the block chain protocol itself.

    Bitcoin has continued for over ten years with changes a long the way but with out changes to the core financial part of it. You might consider multisignature addresses as something as important but it really doesn't change the economics of it on a micro level. Never a change in schedule, never a change in the amount of coins to be created.

    Over on Steem we went from a two year power down to a three month power down and changes to the issuance of the coin. When I first got on Steemit, flags were for 'profanity, and personal attacks.' Now, few people follow that policy. Steem started with the inflation rate that made the dollar look good. Now it inflates 8% a year and it still makes the dollar look good. People don't know what to expect.

    The reason why Bitcoin has done well is stability. Let's have a time of stability. Instead work with creating UIs. Fund independent developers like myself. can be enhanced to work with browser-extension wallets that use Tron-based assets. This would allow uses of Steem to have easy access to said tokens and give Tron users a social media site where they can use Tron TRC-10 and TRC-20 tokens.

  • @forykw

    LOL we need a special UI to just read this post LOL

  • @cryptopossible

    @justinsunsteemit Can you explain the difference between decentralised blockchain and centralised blockchain? (Along with your explanation please give us some examples to understand you better)

    Thank you!

  • @stackin

    Can I just go back posting selfies 😂

  • @roleerob

    As an investor in our Steem blockchain @justinsunsteemit, I first want to say I appreciate the opportunity to hear from you directly. You will hopefully take some comfort, in the midst of this crises in which you find yourself, in knowing there are many, many of our fellow Steemians who feel the same way.

    In the retail business, an old response to the question, ”What are the top 3 most important things to consider …”, the answer is “Location, location, location …” Here on a blockchain supporting a social network, the answer must be:

    “Communication, communication, communication!

    To underscore this, here is my very brief outline of where we are at the moment:

    1. After your purchase of SteemIt Inc. you made the major mistake of not communicating in the good, clear and consistent manner requested.

    2. As a result and as predicted the communication void you left “in here” was filled. With the major mistake of implementing Soft Fork 22.2., after “consensus” was likely finally reached on your "tipping point" decision to replace "Super Representatives" on the TRON blockchain.

    3. In response, you “doubled down” and made the huge (“fatal”?) mistake of manipulating 3 different exchanges into backing your efforts to regain control … One for the history books …

    I do not know about your culture, but I can tell you here in America a common expression is “two wrongs don’t make a right.” Sadly, that is my view of what has happened, over a remarkably short period of time. And here we are …

    🔥 💰 🔥 ⏰ 🔥

    A lot of time and money being “burned” in a very unproductive manner, as many of us are held “hostage” by this “back and forth” display of … What would you like us to call it?

    I will close with saying I personally do not support either side of this mess, because major errors in judgment were made by both. Taking the high road and leading with trust would have resulted in a far more productive and potentially beneficial start to your new enterprise and latest (?) acquisition. Since that option is now long since past, my recommendation to you is to “trust” as much as you can manage, the Witnesses who were not in favor of Soft Fork 22.2, although being very sympathetic and understanding of why the “consensus” was to take that approach anyway. For what it is worth, @timcliff, @enginewitty, and @lukestokes have my support in this regard (although there are likely others with whom I am unaware). Another voice for you to consider, who also has a lot of history on our Steem blockchain, is that of @trafalgar. Even though it has cost them, they all have shown the strength of character and courage of their convictions to take a principled stand.

    There are those, like myself, who have the means of holding a much larger stake “in here,” but have wisely (in my opinion) chosen to “stay out.” At least until such time as there are far more reasons to be optimistic about the Steem blockchain’s prospects. I wish you well in navigating the “troubled waters” you now find yourself in, to hopefully reaching a “consensus” on a mutually beneficial agreement to move forward – adding value to our Steem blockchain, rather than subtracting from it.

  • @blacklux

    Will be so awesome if you already make up your mind! You say one thing then 5 seconds later say another, then do another... then run to twitter and start with nonsense, then come here and tell another thing. All this can be fix so easily but you keep changing your mind!

  • @midlet

    This has to be some sort of record for most downvotes.

  • @fleur

    That’s great 😃 I support the partnership and hope for a brighter future for Steemit 🙏🏽

  • @zapmin

    You buy ninjamined stack undertable just for attack chain. Stop this attack. And gaining time with bullshit.

    You and exchanges are losing credibility and trust not only here buy all crypto world.

  • @overkillcoin

    Ninja please.


  • @lichtblick

    I do not see tag #steem.

  • @tuck-fheman

    justin nothing to see here.gif

  • @karega

    You have my full support Justin.

  • @bidesign

    You have to feed people like others do. The more you feed, the better it is spoken about you. First make people happy.

  • @tipsybosphorus

    You've had the interaction you can't get in your life.

  • @indigoocean

    I'm glad you are committing here to want to move forward with mutual respect between you and the community.

    I would like there to be an environment of adequate trust such that we can know you'll not try to turn STEEM into a token on the TRON blockchain or otherwise drastically affect the blockchain contrary to community wishes, and you can know that we'll see no reason to ever fork away from your unilateral control again.

    I'm concerned this may not be the case at this level of mutual understanding and agreement when you list roadmap items like:

    "Maintain Steem blockchain running in parallel with TRON .... Launch Cross Chain Atomic Swaps"

    These items make me think you are in fact proceeding with a plan to turn STEEM into a Tron token. Please clarify. Thanks.

  • @nascimentoab

    Discarding the emocional... Every words is really great. Congrats. You've position as a leader for Steam community and I guess that you have the respect of a great part of steemians. Congrats!

  • @the-real-jesus

    Your english grammar is fucking terrible @justinsunsteemit

    I have been dead for a couple thousand years and I have better english grammar than you. And the english language didn't even exist back then. Are you sure you went to college?

  • @jacobpeacock


  • @joeyarnoldvn

    Tron Overlord Justin Sun, why do you say that funds were frozen? What does that mean? Does that mean you colluded to coordinate cryptocurrency exchange websites to borrow Steem from their client's accounts to power up into their own personal Steem accounts, into their SP, so that they could vote for Tron witnesses in order to centralize and govern and take over the Steem blockchain? How is that not theft and collusion and treason and all kinds of things?

  • @ezblog

    How do I vote TO SUPPORT JUSTIN SUN and his plans. He is way more successful than me and I want to see where he can take STEEM. He has my unwavering support.

  • @beggars

    @justinsunsteemit one of my concerns about this acquisition of Steem (besides the hostile and aggressive way in which it transpired) is that you operate another blockchain (Tron). How will you maintain two projects at the same time and do you view Steem as a competitor to Tron or more of its own niche thing? I am curious how you reconcile decisions for two projects in the crypto sphere when it comes to listings, partnerships and value.

    As someone who has been a part of this community and worked on the development side of things, working with the Steem Engine team to build features that Steemit Inc dragged the chain on, I would hate to see it all thrown away. One of my biggest concerns is Tron being pushed down our throats, especially when it comes to new features on the Steem blockchain. As someone who has worked with Ethereum and experimented with Tron, I find the Steem developer experience to be unrivalled. Not need to install compilers and virtual machines to build dApps, just use an SDK and away you go.

    I would love to see new listings on exchanges, I would love to see smart contracts, smart media tokens and everything else that the failed leadership over at STINC has been promising for years. But, if those changes come at the cost of the integrity of the blockchain, fragmentation of our community and disrespect for the witnesses who keep this place running, no thanks.

  • @mtl1979

    Nobody believes what you are saying anymore... The damage is already done and it can't be fixed by asking people to forget the past and move on...

    Steemit Inc. does not hold majority stake on Steem blockchain and as such has no control of what happens on the blockchain. Trying to imply anything else is just being delusional.

    Nobody likes to say, but you bought a worthless company.

  • @jacobpeacock

    What I think of every time I see a false narrative spun by Justin Sun & Tron.






    To @justinsunsteemit and @steemitblog please end this amicably and get yourself the kind of help you need.

    #steemlove #steempeak #SteemHostileTaker #DoTheRightThing

    Cheers! & Happy Steeming!

  • @pegarissimo

    A little note from a little fish: I am glad to see progress on the conflict. I strongly believe in Steemit but I also admire Tron and I believe in its long term plan. Ambitious plans, but still a great vision. So in the long run, Steemit WILL have to work with Tron or it will have to compete with them. EOS dapps are strong but Tron's dapp are easier for some devs (me anyway). So either hold hands or hold your belts 😁.

    I doubt this comment will actually be seen, still, I wanted to mention it.

  • @sgt-dan

    Please! Give us back our witnesses! You have done wrong and you know it.

    It is a shame that now you must do crisis-management. What is going on now is bad for everyone concerned. I am sorry that you were sold a company by a confidence man (@ned). I feel for you, I really do. I ask, Why are you punishing us? Our witnesses were just trying to protect us from what you have already done. Your current actions have cemented the righteousness of the actions of our original consensus witnesses.

    Please look into the possibility of arbitration by a non-interested third party from the crypto space. John McAffee has been suggested by some. If not him, maybe someone that can be agreed upon by everyone.

  • @masterthematrix

    Hi @justinsunsteemit first of all I want to say that I feel sorry about how this whole situation played out for you and the Steem Community. I think a lot of relevant information was not shared while you where making the Steem purchase deal with @ned. Anyways, I would like to suggest if you are thinking of selling your Steem Stake, that you might be thinking of a public auction to private investors. You should get in touch with the old Steem Dev Team and release with them together the SMT project. This will help to promote your Steem auction selling something like this " Invest in the new Course of Steem - more decentralized and powered by SMT protocoll". I think in this way you and the Steem Community would achieve a real win/win situation. You would finally help to promote Steem and your Stake, and the Steem Community gets more private investors (thru auction selling) who believe in the new course of Steem. And of course the overall Steem Stake would get more decentralized. What do you think of this idea? I wish you good luck on your path!

  • @bluengel

    @justinsunsteemit plz wanna revive the Partiko 💙 project !

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @jacobtothe

    You got off on the wrong foot. You bought your way into the community, and promptly started stomping all over everyone who built it. Your power grab for sock puppet witnesses was reprehensible. It may not be too late to clean up the mess you made, but you'll need to act fast, or the curators, content creators, and developers who actually give the blockchain value will jump ship. The ball is in your court. You could start by ending the witness tampering, but until we have some assurances that it won't happen again, you will always be viewed as a usurper instead of a developer for our community.

  • @sn0n

    Check out my latest post on

    Justin, you are an entitled little bitch, ok Kyle?

  • @karenmckersie

    I actually like you @justinsunsteemit but don't appreciate the F##@ You spamming that I am getting in my comments on my posting on Steemit. Right now.

  • @matuca

    I just found out that the largest group in the Hispanic community abandoned the boat and went to another platform. If they did it is because you are obviously doing things right. Those groups slowly ruined steemit. And I was one of the few who said it to his face. With their authoritarianism, they created a platform where they did not let anyone grow and those who told them things like me, tried to destroy everything we achieved. I ended up getting tired of so much injustice of that great group and abandoned steemit. But I'm thinking of going back now. When the rats leave the ship, the disease ends. Hopefully it will be a fairer new stage in steemit. Count on my support in the Hispanic community

  • @hikariws

    Start by hearing us say we don't like to be called thieves...

  • @famigliacurione

    HIVE Could Face a Massive Class Action Lawsuit for Intellectual Property Theft


    A group of rogue members of the Steem blockchain community have unilaterally copied the intellectual property of millions of content creators without even the slightest decency to even attempt to seek their consent...

  • @offgridlife

    So..... what are the plans for Steemit now ?