November Redfish Rally: 1st Week Progress: My Week ending 11/8/19

I made it through the first week of the Steem Terminal's Redfish Rally. And what a week! I began on the first day, so I'd like to give a report on my progress.

This is the easiest contest I've entered so far. I just go about my daily routine of creating and posting the best blogs I can. Next, I commented each day on deserving posts and gave upvotes. I expanded my horizon by exploring a new Tribe to see if we were a fit for me and my writing. As always, I received a warm welcome.

So far I've completed the following in my first week:

  1. posted 9 blogs;
  2. entered my second zapfic short writing contest to help with precision in my writing;
  3. engaged with my readers and provided 75 comments (includes replies);
  4. gave numerous upvotes;
  5. re-steemed 5 posts I felt contained positive messages or just enjoyed reading;
  6. joined one new Tribe: Power House Creatives; and
  7. gained followers interested in reading my work.

To say it was an rewarding week is an understatement. I've gained a different perspective of life on Steem.

I hope to be able to accomplish twice as much in the next two weeks of the contest. But as always, trying to strike a balance between online and offline life.

Thanks, @justclickindiva

SOURCES: a) JustClickin logo created at CoolText.Com b) Unless otherwise noted, all photos taken by me with my (i) Samsung Galaxy 10" Tablet, & (ii) FUJI FinePix S3380 - 14 Mega Pixels Digital Camera c) Purple Butterfly part of purchased set of Spiritual Clip Art for my Personal Use d) All Tribe logos used with permission of Tribe Discord Channel admins.



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