Covid lockdown day 67 – level 3 arrives here but the USA riots go ballistic

At last here in simple South Africa we have officially arrived at level 3 lockdown, which means we can go outside any time of the day to exercise. What a breakthrough. It’s almost like normality, except it’s not. Beaches are still banned, go figure. Two school years 7 and 12 can go back, if they choose, though not compulsory. And more businesses open. So things should be better, but they aren’t. I still have zero work, since international borders are still locked down, and I have no clients travelling so therefore no work for me. Local travel is allowed but few will probably travel and need my services just yet. I can but hope work offers may reappear in time. Today has been a rather frustrating day as my feeble wifi won’t allow any emails to be sent. So even though I can make money in other ways, compiling astrology horoscope analysis for other clients (I have several sources of income and “careers”) still I can’t send any reports to clients whatsoever. It’s a weird glitch in my wifi hotspot that I pick up here, so out of my control. Such is the random whim of nature. Can’t even generate income if I try.

Being an astrologer has however allowed me to see something big incoming back in January already, when I saw that massive quadruple conjunction of planets in the sky. You had a conjunction that only occurs every several hundred years happening. I saw it last year and wondered what life-altering event we might see. And then it hit. Right on time. With Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and for a few days Mars, all tightly conjunct in the exact same place in the sky from our point of view on earth, it looked like a historical civilization-destroying event, and so it was, and still is. It may go on for a few more years, so I hope you stocked up guys. And I don’t just mean toilet paper. I mean food and water.

I’m in level 3 now, as is UK and many others around the world, gradually trying to open up, but the rumor of the second wave is keeping everyone in panic mode, it seems. Even the Spanish Flu of 1918 had way more deaths in the second wave, and more in the third wave than the first too, so this could circle the globe a few times, and return with winter. It may only be hitting us here in the south of the planet now as our winter arrives. I wonder. Having not seen anyone or heard of anyone having ever tested positive for this Covid-19 virus in my circle of reality, to me it is still just a distant rumor. Yet here I sit, under lockdown, penniless and even if I try to make money, the wifi won’t allow it. It is out of my hands. And it doesn’t make sense, why does a website work just fine but an email is impossible to send today, when I need to generate the cash?

My astrology consultations are based on my 30 years of astrology research and chart reading. I started studying the subject as a teenager over 30 years ago and have appreciated the subject ever since, from Siderial (Vedic) as well as Tropical (western) zodiacs. It is a subject that is an oracle or an art, not a science, so I treat it as I would something like psychology – a soft science, not a hard science. It’s like Tarot cards or dream interpretation, you don’t place any more faith in it than you would a palm reader. Astrology can be fun but is certainly more of a parlour game or pastime than anything to stake your inheritance on.

Still there is a lot to read into the horoscope, like the phase of the moon, the time of day you were born and of course the position of all the planets. All civilizations have had, in their histories, an appreciation of astrology, and it was considered a task of the priestly class in ancient times. Being a monk, scribe and scholar of world religion, metaphysics and consciousness, I am a natural, with any of these esoteric subjects, having lived in India and studied the Vedas there in my youth from priests and monks in temples. So with this global historic showdown in place, I would not expect too much normality for a few years. The 28 year Jupiter-Saturn alignment only becomes exact at the end of this year, so we are still going through the shift. Meanwhile mass riots break out in states across USA once more, again due to white cops killing an unarmed black man. I believe these could be false flag attempts to instigate riots so that martial law can be imposed, with even more loss of freedoms.

After all, food will run out soon, and this is still the early days of the collapse of civilization as we know it, certainly in USA, as it crumbles to dust in the bigger scheme of history. In the coming years, in fact this entire decade, we will see the gradual collapse of USA and the west as China and the Asian east rises to take over the planet. Food shortages are already happening as lockdown prevents harvesting and factories from getting food to the shops. And very few are prepped or able to grow their own.

I hope I’m wrong, but with the coming bank and economic collapse, you will see poverty like never before in your life, worse than the Great Depression of 1929. Obviously the riots will escalate immensely. This is a global revolution that happens when an empire collapses. It lasts for years and millions will be wiped out. I mean people as well as money. I could be wrong, but today I feel like the M class solar flare this past two days ago really triggered the atmosphere and leaves me feeling under the weather, pun intended. It’s the first M class solar flare in 700 odd days, implying that the sun is coming out of its minimum, or quiet stage.

This is just the first flare, it may not be the turning point yet, but we are certainly at the low point of the solar minimum. Our earth shields are down as a result and any sudden solar flare or galactic cosmic rays and we could be hit by radiation that easily knocks out our electrical grid, like an EMP. So be prepared for anything guys. I wonder if I will even be able to upload this article to my blog today. If there were to be a real solar flare that hit us directly (since the recent one was far from direct) we would have no internet and would not hear from each other again indefinitely. Imagine that kind of nuclear winter! No wifi, no contact with what’s going on around the globe. Every country to themselves, alone like an island, out of touch and on their own.

Already we can’t travel or fly anywhere on the globe. I certainly can’t under border lockdown. Next will go communication. And then as food also goes, and riots pick up and governments get overthrown and civil war tears one country after another apart, no one will know or be the wiser. I may be imagining a worst case scenario, but never in my life has the potential for a worst case scenario been more real. In fact we are half way there. This is already the worst case scenario I have ever been unprepared for. I may be an astrologer, and may have seen the quadruple alignment coming, and known that this is an empire killer, and may have been informed about the Grand solar minimum in the sunspot cycle, that coincides with weather disaster, potential EMP and societal collapse, but I could never have imagined it would really happen. Because it has never happened in my life of over 50 years so I have no way to know.

But that is how collapses occur. Any half literate economics student could see the financial collapse coming last year already when the 10-year and the short term yield curves inverted. There were clear signs in September last year that the next great financial crash was incoming. So no surprise at all. And here we are. I prepped by buying as much Bitcoin as I could, and now I will sit it out for two years, if I can hold out that long, while my fiat currency collapses by the day compared to the dollar, and Bitcoin skyrockets to the moon. I just have to eat straw until then. But if the EMP knocks the grid out and my wifi goes, then my Bitcoin is lost to me, for the moment. So the risks are huge, as huge as the potential gains. And it’s undecided which way the dice will roll.

Nevertheless, the wise man simply observes and does nothing, knowing nothing will not get done, as the I Ching or Tao says. Do less and be more, keep the balance, nature will have its way for a while and we will remember that we are not the doer. It is all going on by the laws of nature, particularly the radiation of the sun. We little humans can make our small efforts but the real powers are galactic and nothing we do can stop them. We are all at the mercy of nature. Some, like the president, may have his underground bunker, and I may have a cave of my own to retreat to nearby as my backup plan, but we are puny compared to the real powers at play. So I fret, but then I remember to relax and let go and let it all pass in its own time. Maybe I can send that email tomorrow. There is always tomorrow.

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  • @gduran

    Now that was a long read, very interesting though. I do hope a wifi or internet collapse does not happen, that would be, at this time, catastrophic.