Covid-19 lockdown day 68 – USA riots like it’s 1968

“At least nine dead, +4,000 arrested, riots rage in 140 cities for the seventh day, National Guard deployed in 29 states, 40 cities to impose strict curfews”.

The year I was born – 1968 – saw some of the biggest street riots in USA apparently, and they are happening again today. With the pressure of the pandemic and particularly the lockdown, people are losing their livelihoods and feeling abused by what seems to be a fake pandemic with fake numbers of positive cases. And now the white police have just killed another unarmed black man. As a result masses of Americans have taken to the streets, again in Washington DC outside the presidential building, the White House, to protest the injustice. Now it appears that rioting or protesting is happening in over 100 cities in USA and around the world. Along with that multiple cases of people murdered by police or in clashes on the streets of USA are coming to light this week. The situation is going from bad to worse, as the military patrols the streets in massive military vehicles and shoot bystanders for being outside or for protesting. But the people have awoken and they will not go down quietly.

Whether these killings are real or staged or deliberate or accidental, people vary in their opinions. But the result on the ground is the fomenting of unrest, and protest, which had turned violent and nasty, along with looting of Nike shops for example, among others, the burning of police cars and general pandemonium. It may well be that the killings were deliberate to incite unrest so that the PTB can implement the next stage of their martial law plan upon the masses. This could have been engineered all along from the start to corral the people and implement further crackdowns.

If and when food shortages arrive, which some say are imminent, based on no harvesting by people under lockdown, or poor weather from storms across American farmlands and the world, it looks like this is the next level of upping the game, so to speak. Mass protests are natural and have happened before under this kind of scenario, so it’s nothing unusual. With even press being shot at by rubber bullets and pepper balls, it looks like martial law is the new norm now too. States and nations are trying to open up their economies but the situation is fraught with risk of the second wave, or of general social meltdown, as the unemployment hits record highs. I have seen reports saying USA unemployment figures are not 30% but more like over 50% right now, which is historic and unprecedented.

The killing of George Floyd may have been the catalyst that has ignited the masses all over the country. “Don’t shoot...I can’t breathe...” is the chant echoing the murdered victim. Here we are, just a few months into the pandemic, and civil unrest is bordering on civil war, with the military against its own people in USA. At the doorstep of President Trump, the mob are venting and it is getting messy. I don’t imagine it calming down any time soon. Full moon is approaching in about two or three days, as I write this, and I presume the heat will intensify until then. The mob will be getting more riled up until then, and full moon could see an explosion of further violence.

Rubber bullets and flash grenades are flying. People are getting hit, just outside the White House. The world is watching. Police chiefs are getting fired in places and George Floyd’s killer is in prison. Not a nice place for a cop to be trapped I imagine. Is this the revisiting of the mass riots of 1968? It really appears that this is the biggest uprising in over 50 years, but who knows? “Occupy movement” was also significant a few years ago. But the police appear to be getting more heavy handed, as martial law is the new norm now.

How this current civil unrest is managed by the authorities will determine the direction of the whole movement. Masses of people outside the White House is not a normal sight. Full night time curfew in USA is also unheard of, until this pandemic lockdown and riot now. It is escalating and compacting with one crisis upon another and upon another. Protesters don’t seem to be concerned about the curfew. It is a degree of mayhem, where one extreme incident could trigger more panic and mob madness. Peaceful protests might be hijacked by left wing Antifa activists or anarchists, who like to use these incidents to commit crimes of destruction. So it’s a fluid situation, and no one knows for sure who is the enemy and who is not, who is legit and who has ulterior motives. Who is legal or not, who is morally legit or not. No one is above suspicion and no one is there to protect you. It’s every mind for themselves as to which truth you adopt, which narrative you believe.

And if food runs out this will look like a picnic compared to what will come after food runs out. Let’s keep an eye on the situation and play it by ear. It could flare up at any time anywhere. Media are being attacked, messages are mixed and various messages are vying for audience. What will happen to the USA election? And whatever happens in USA affects the planet as a whole. Tear gas and flash bombs outside the White House is not a good look. Civility has been lost. Sanity has been lost. Income and a future has been lost to many. Compounded anger from all the numerous concerns is growing and spilling out onto the streets as burning cars and looted buildings. The system looks broken to the mob now.

Let’s see where this goes. It looks like anything goes, anything is possible. Protesters are becoming rioters and looters. How long will this go in? So many questions, such uncertainty. This is indeed the Fourth Turning, the end of an era, perhaps even of an empire. Or will this all blow over in a few weeks or months? I think the shock and shift has been too sharp and major already and the crack is unfixable. The system is about to break down altogether. It may well crumble into chaos before it gets ordered again. But then order out of chaos is the agenda. Is the chaos also being engineered by the PTB at the top as some suggest? Perhaps, it is, there will always be the war for the narrative and the history books. And it is unfolding now. History is being made, and we are still in the first act. It may be scene two, but the entire show is still a long way from over. I hope you have your popcorn ready.

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    It's amazing that four fuck heads can be the cause for this much destruction across our county. Arrest these four shitheads and let them rot in jail. Minnesota wake the fuck up!!! 😠

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