Covid-19 lockdown day 66 – The system is broken, the youth will fix it

“The hacks who pass for economists and central bankers don’t practice the art of economics. They are enablers of plunder, as their actions benefit a small group of men who have created a legal system that allows and glorifies this as a way of life. Abnormal, morally ambiguous and in many cases illegal actions taken by those pulling the levers of power will have far reaching consequences unseen by these myopic arrogant waterboys for the oligarchy.” We might benefit from reframing the way we look at our reality or what we call our normalcy. As we grow up and got through the education system, we accept and absorb the interpretation of reality we are fed. But as we mature and see how it works and what happens, sometimes the perception shifts as to what is normal or abnormal.

By looking at the results of the actions of most of the leaders and leading corporations, it appears as if their motives are too selfish to sustain in the long run. The environment is taking strain, society is taking strain, the individual is taking strain. And it needn’t be this way.

The system does not have to have so much collateral damage in the form of human fallout. It could be a smoother and beneficial system if our intention desired that. It appears as if the real motive of the leaders of the planet is not in the best interests of all concerned. But it is what is presented to us and what we use. Our parents used it and so we fall into the system as it was given to us. But is it healthy?

Questioning is a good sign. We need to question all our sources of reference. As well as the mainstream narrative. If we see it to be short of our highest aspirations, we may be able to come up with an alternative, carve our own path, or adopt an alternative. With the failure of the economic system, some have adopted Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as an alternative platform to global economic operations. It is the new bank, and it may be empowering for each sovereign person to be their own bank for a change.

That is just one of the positive alternative options that are available today, in light of the failing mainstream financial system. In other departments of life there may be alternatives too, like the medical field. There are health options that have been around for a long time, natural remedies that we have always had that we are learning to use now as we see big pharma come short in the rol lout. As business gets in the way of human health, some return to nature for the solutions.

It is during times like our current eye opening situation in history that we can grasp the moment to look outside the box, redefine what our priorities are, and understand that like may be something other than what we were taught. Survival is being questioned now. We have almost destroyed our home on this earth palnet. But we can reconnect with nature and learn form the plants, from nature. If we are so mart why are we risking our environment at present?

Ultimately respect for nature and natural systems is important. Modern monetary theory does not appear to hold water and simultaneously it appears to be causing negative effects on our ecosystem as well as ourselves on an individual level. Maybe we can re-evaluate the economic system and redesign it, balance it with the ecosystem. A sustainable economic system is needed. And the millennials may be the generation to do it. The media is there to share information and the current younger generation is connected. They can see the failing of the economic system that is using up the earth’s resources, and they will come up with more balanced solutions, seeing ourselves as partners with nature, not exploiters. Let’s give them the opportunity to improve the system given to them by their parents. The baby boomers are ending their reign now and the millennials wil be able to shape the future with their perception of reality, and their choices. I’m feeling positive about the future. This pandemic and lockdown has brought home the obvious facts of the failings of the system we use. The solutions are already present, and the cyclic nature of life on earth will will facilitate the shift to health on various levels. Self-reflection will bring the obvious to us and to the movers ans shakers in society. The time is now and the new world is being born now. This is an exciting time. I am so eager to see what healthy alternative will be manifesting. Watch this space.

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