Covid-19 lockdown day 65 – The future is not what it used to be (part 2)

Yesterday I began to discuss my thoughts on the impact and repercussions on the pandemic and lockdown on the economy and our psyches, which you can read here. Now in part two I want to elaborate on some of the other crucial departments of life that may also be impacted and how things may play out in time, based on this current world-changing event. Environmental Ultimately this current historic shift will test us all and it could well be that what emerges from all of the transformation hardly resembles the past that was left behind. I’ve not mentioned some of the other transformations that we may undergo, maybe another time I will discuss further the environmental shifts, like the current solar sunspot minimum this year and next, in the 11 year sunspot cycle, and how they seem to be correlated to big events like economic collapses and others, especially if they are deep and prolonged solar minima, where no sunspots appear for near 100 days in a row, like now. The impacted climate usually produces more earthquakes and volcanoes as a result, and cools of course during a solar minimum. Crops are lost and food becomes scarce. This could happen globally now too. But I won’t go into that part of the giant ripple effect all culminating this year.

Also there was the rare Jupiter/Saturn/ Pluto alignment (conjunction) that occurred in the first months of 2020, right as the pandemic and collapse started. The timing of massive historic events can sometimes be correlated (not necessary causation) to solar system events, and that alignment, which only happens every few hundred years, like twice in 1000 years, for example, coincidentally occurred now too. For a few days it even included Mars, to make a quadruple conjunction in the night sky. Astronomy and space weather may need to be considered in this year’s occurrences, and if nothing else, may give our minds some meaning behind the big transformation we are going through on so many levels now.

Spiritual And this brings me to perhaps the most crucial point, in my opinion, the spiritual value of this entire time in history now during the great transformation. It is those who have an instinctive or educated philosophical approach as well as an appreciation for consciousness that may find a stable foundation for themselves to steady themselves as the tsunami of historic change rolls over us. And it may vary as to what your particular source of shelter or insight happens to be and that’s fine. We are as diverse in our expression as we are similar in our constitution. A long term view or broad perspective helps now, as well as any of the numerous tools we have available to us mentally, psychologically, or spiritually, whatever term you wish to use as your label to give depth to your reality with extra meaning.

Reality, or at least our perception of it is, after all, constantly changing over the millennia of human civilization, from the little we know of our ancient history. Civilizations rise and fall, bringing with them rules, laws, norms, taboos, deities and superstitions. What was fashionable once may not be in the next generation. But underlying it all there is sometimes an inherent theme in our collective psyches, often based on survival – for example the respect for the sun, and the moon, and the tree, as totems of almost divine or sacred value. Other images of life, divinity or transcendence are their too, in all the other cultural references that our minds adopt because of their actual real value to us.

So tribal sanctity might be quite different from urban consciousness exploration, or even orthodox theological interpretation of what is sacred or profane. They are all different degrees of interpretation based on nature and nurture, as well as reference points, whether auditory or written. Somehow it may have been passed on to us through the generations and we personally adopt what we resonate with, generally speaking. Some urban cultures are educated by libraries of texts to give meaning and guidance, while other remote tribal cultures may have received their insights around a fire under the stars from the stories of elders. We live in a relative existence, while simultaneously trying to grasp and express absolutes and the absolute truth. And thus totems and taboos may not be the same in the new world after this pandemic blows over in a few years from now.

Energy This is not a subject I’m very familiar with. Nevertheless, global energy and it’s mining, refining, storage, transmission and use, is a big subject. Suffice to say, it appears as if even our energy will change along with most else in the big shift now. Oil is of course the current fuel source, along with nuclear and to a lesser extent renewables. The balance of power may indeed shift in their ratio too as far as global usage and dependency goes. And new power sources may arise, like space mining, perhaps on asteroids. That could really turn the tables on our perception of normality. Imagine finding an asteroid with mammoth amounts of gold reserves, or some other precious metal or conductor. The sky is no longer the limit. Welcome to the new space race, this time for mineables. And speaking of mining, digital currencies are ironically produced by a computational system called “mining”. There are a lot of uses to digital mining, as well as some drawbacks, like the power it takes to run the mining rigs, confusingly called “farms” when done at an industrial scale. The not so ironic fact is that most of the bitcoin mining is done in China. Yet again China is a step ahead when it comes to digital technology, and the next wave.

With all of these variables and levels of shift occurring this year, it does appear as if life will never be the same again. The future is definitely not what it used to be, so be sure to prep up, knowledge up, shape up and show up, for your time is now citizen of earth. This is indeed a test, of your skills and all round capacity to roll with the wave, as it hits on whichever level you feel it. For feel it we all will, every single one of us on the planet.

And that doesn’t happen very often, so as the great Chinese oracle of I Ching might say, as the Tao of China may suggest, as Confucius from his “centers” all over the western universities right now, promoting Chinese propaganda globally, might say... from great risk comes great opportunity... the time of greatest change or upheaval is often the time of potential big moves by those players who are well positioned in advance because they are playing the long game and have been around the system more than once before, enough to have learned and also retained the knowledge, insight, realization and experience to ride out the tsunami like a surfer on their long board on a sunny holiday anywhere on earth. The only constant is change, and this is the big one. I hope you are waxing your surf board right now.

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