Covid-19 lockdown day 63 – Will travel to India be wise after lockdown?

If and when lockdown ends fully and international borders open up for travel, I would like to visit India again for a month or two. There are some pilgrimage places I can return to once more to learn a bit more about the culture as well as the yoga practice found there. The first question is will lockdown allow me to fly to India again and when? The second question is will I be required to take a vaccine if I want to travel? And will that vaccine mess with my RNA or is it GMO-made vaccine? And is it chipped to track me?

All these questions regarding travel now in the new norm. will be at a rock bottom discount now or will they be at a premium? Air travel has fallen to a real low in their history. I am hoping prices will drop as flight agencies or airlines become desperate to attract clients once more. Most people, I presume, will be slow to jump back into holiday travel and tourism. Maybe this is a good opportunity for me to get a good deal. Be bold when others are fearful, as they say in trading stocks and forex.

Further questions arise, like should I even risk such travel to a place like India now in the new covid-19 world? India is in a particularly densely populated part of the world. Is is a hotbed for a vial spread. What an unknown situation this all appears to be now. And if I look still deeper into the idea, I see that the friction between India and it’s assertive northern neighbor China, is hotting up. Kashmir has always been a controversial spot. Now it has flared up more so as Pakistan wants sovereignty over much of Kashmir because their water sources lie there. It is a crucial matter for Pakistan.

And now that Pakistan is heavily backed by China, India has turned to USA for massive military trade, and has sided with USA against China. The showdown is on the horizon, it’s on the northern most border of India, near Tibet, a place already ravaged and colonized by the CCP of China. And this tension with China is not going away. The sleeping dragon has decided to use this catastrophe of covid-19 to jump forward with it’s world domination agenda. Hong Kong is being squashed once more, almost losing its autonomy. China is heavily colonizing the South China Sea, she has taken ports in Sri Lanka and south Pakistan.

So India has a lot to worry about in the rising China, as do the rest of the world. Of course, both India and China are rising, and both will dominate the world demographically as well as economically in years to come. This strategical rivalry has been there for years, and this decade we will see it coming to a head as china makes a grab for total domination in Asia. India is in the way it seems. All of these factors are making me question a potential trip there.

Curiously India is soon to be taking over the executive board of the WHO from China, and India may want to side with USA in questioning China over the origins of the covid-19 pandemic. That WHO issue could really add to the between the two. This potential clash is another hotspot on the globe in the multi-polar world forming now. Or should I say Bipolar world, although that sounds like the world is a manic-depressive. Let’s see where this goes. I don’t want to get stuck in India one day as a sudden war breaks out or another lockdown suddenly gets thrown at the masses due to rising positive cases for instance. There are so many uncertainties involved in the travel industry and in geopolitics right now. As the world watches to see which way the economy will go, or how fast it will collapse into depression, people would probably sit at home and wait before resuming their holiday tours.

So it may be quieter than usual and someone brave like me might be able to have more of a leisurely adventure with less crowding and cheaper flights and accommodation. It could go either way, so I will make some inquiries while still under lockdown, and hope for the international borders to open one day soon. Even if I don’t make it to India, I can at least meditate on it, keep the vision alive, have something to focus on for the future, that is stimulating, adventurous and challenging, so that I don’t dry up or get to ossified here under lockdown, psychologically speaking. Change and variety are very healthy for the mind, which is why travel is so good for one. Let’s see if we can find a loophole in all the uncertainty around us now and go for the gap. Life may never give the same opportunity again.

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