Covid-19 lockdown day 60 – Finally level 3 lockdown by 1 June, we are half way

I don’t know exactly how your lockdown has been in your particular country. Each region was slightly nuanced or different from the other. But here in struggling South Africa we had one of the hardest lockdowns in the world. Finally, last night the State President addressed the nation to announce that lockdown will be lifted one notch from level 4 up to level 3. So from the original level 5, we are now halfway through our lockdown, with only two more levels to go. fantasy beach moonrise pixa.jpg From June 1, next week, we will move to a level where more people can go to work as more businesses open up. And we can go out any time of the day to enjoy “exercise” periods, as they call it. No longer do I have only 3 hours a day from 6-9am, but now I can feel free at any time of the day being outdoors. I never imagined a normal thing like walking around outside my home would be so precious. It sounds totally surreal now, and I’m still in the thick of it. Imagine the scene where it’s winter here now, so the sun only rises at 7.30am. And you have until 9am to freely walk or jog or cycle, or whatever you enjoy doing to stay fit and healthy.

I would get up in the dark, wrap up against the cold and aim to be outside for my nature walk as it became light, but some mornings I was late or it was poor weather, and that was it – there went my chance to be outdoors exercising for the day. Admittedly some days I just went out anyway and came back whenever I felt like it, because I’m a rebel, a sovereign entity, and I believe the virus is a hoax, and I seldom saw anyone in my rather remote region on the cliffs overlooking the sea here on the south Cape coast of Africa outside the nearby town.

But I was in military espionage mode throughout, sneaking about like a criminal or a spy or a victim of some Fascist dictatorship in Nazi Germany back in my past life, or Communist China (probably in my next life). What a ridiculous scenario, filled with stress, when it was supposed to be a relaxing and invigorating healthy outdoor exercise to boost the immune system, not dodge the dumb law. And I call it dumb because it was (still is) irrational, illogical, inappropriate and scientifically as well as morally wrong. It was (is) in my opinion a crime perpetrated by the state upon the people. It was unconstitutional and it imposed on our inalienable human rights. Especially when, after a solitary outing in nature, I then was allowed to go to as many shops as I liked, and mingle with all the other shoppers and tellers who work there all day long, contacting hundreds of shoppers, and then contacting me with the same hands and money.

I was certainly going to catch the virus at the shop more than on a remote walk out in nature. The logic may seem good on paper but in reality it just didn’t hold water. It was not water-tight but rather fraught with loopholes. It was idiotic. But I understand. Sometimes the PTB have to make sweeping blanket laws based on a theory and sparse information and they lose the wood for the trees. And what is worse, the elite executive who now run my country behind closed doors without transparency or justification, don’t have to explain their logic to anyone. I am in effect living under a dictatorship right now during this lockdown.

Parliament is suspended and the National Covid Command Council of a few people run the nation. The elected President is not the final arbiter any more. So some really weird laws came out, like no alcohol or tobacco sales whatsoever were allowed during the past 60 days of level 5 and 4. Fair enough, they want to preserve our health. Well, next week under level 3, alcohol will be allowed (though no bars, or restaurant alcohol, only retail) but tobacco is still banned...totally. I don’t use tobacco or alcohol, never have, so I don’t mind, but I know relatives who do smoke cigarettes and the mental anxiety is worse than the apparent virus. And there is a rumour that the only reason tobacco was banned is so that the one member of the secret executive government council can facilitate her family who are involved in illegal cigarette smuggling or trading or whatever.

Certainly I have heard reports that smokers will not be worse off with this lung virus. Smoking does not increase your risk. But no cigarettes means the black market for them has exploded and you can indeed still get triple the price, at least. And the cabinet minister will be cleaning up big time with her steady profit from the illegal black market contraband cheap cigarettes that are now super expensive yet still cheap quality. Nowhere else in the world has any country banned the sale of tobacco during this lockdown, correct me if I’m wrong. So the government ministers here are using this pandemic hoax and scare to impose their own agendas and make a “killing” from their smuggled cigarettes. While we bear the brunt.

Welcome to the criminal mafia state we call a government. And that applies to every government on the planet in one way or another, but especially here in Africa where corruption is massive. You are talking about a historically impoverished people who came out of the bush, were given a nation built by Europeans, and told to run it well. And they simply became bewildered by the allure of loot, so they looted. All the state owned enterprises, like the national airlines, the national power supplier, the tax revenue service, the special crimes unit, the police, the army, all have been gutted, ransacked, bankrupted and driven into the dust by criminal ministers and CEOs who looted them to bankruptcy. Now they are dying behemoths that need massive bailout form China to stay afloat, so we are now a province of China. Welcome to the dictatorship.

Anyway, this is normal for Africa, but I just wanted to highlight the situation and its absurdity, here in my homeland. So from next week alcohol will be sold but no cigarettes, which in actuality is back to front. It should be the other way around, or both allowed. Now you will get all the alcoholics loading up, and then becoming desperate for their tobacco fix, and the crime will soar, the domestic violence against women and children will soar, and the place will be worse than it was before lockdown. What a farce. And for me personally, still no chance of any income due to the simple fact that travel is still banned. And my income over the past 12 years has been based on my clients travelling. So no work for me, no income, and it will be a hundred days since I last had a booking or any income.

Certainly I am ready for the fact that my career or old job or source of income is gone. Maybe under level 1 or level zero there may be a resumption of travel for extended holidays again, and I will get some work. But who knows when that will be? We had no idea until last night when the current level 4 was going to end. So who knows when level “normal” will return? If it took two months to get this far, it may take another two months to get back to normal in my travel-related industry, if we’re lucky. They hang the threat of return to level 5 over our heads like the sword of Damocles, which they can wield whenever they see fit. If cases resume, or there is an upsurge or second wave of virus infections, then they will return us to hard lockdown once more. To hell with the economy or your sanity or your very survival.

Schools are allowed to send some classes back next week, not all, if I understand correctly. And there is no obligation to send your kids back to school if you still feel at risk. What kind of school year will that become? Half of it will be lost already, and then the rest will have only half the kids back in class while the rest continue at home, potentially. Already I would write off this academic year as a loss. Kids and scholars will have to redo this year over next year at this rate. There goes a year of your young life, children. You all failed this year. Blame the virus, or the rumor of a virus. This covid virus has been with us for years. It is a SARS type flu. It’s nothing unusual. I have heard enough info to see through the hoax perpetrated by the WHO and the Gates Foundation who want to vaccinate the entire planet.

I will personally never take a vaccine. You can throw me out of the country, I don’t care. I refuse to take those bogus shots. I have heard enough evidence to know that my immune system is better than any shots, which actually weaken you, and you will probably be even more at risk if you take them. It’s an engineered plot guys. They will chip you and manipulate your genes with the vaccine and then you are a puppet in their hands or under their 5G radiation. Or so I hear from doctors. I don’t buy any of it. Herd immunity does not depend on a vaccine, especially one that is so speculative, and one run by that new evil demon on the block, Uncle Bill.

And enhanced surveillance is being threatened upon us by my president now too. Contact tracing, all that dictatorship stuff. I will go down fighting it ‘til the death. And it won’t be death by virus either. The virus is a flu guys, and healthy people don’t die from the flu. People do die from ventilators though. And they do get more sick from those stupid masks. How many doctors have I heard now coming out and directly stating that the masks are bad, they don’t work, they actually make it worse for you. This whole thing is so wrong on so many levels that anyone who buys into the mainstream narrative must be a Boomer. So OK Boomer, you go wear a mask, get a vaccine, spy on your neighbors. I will call you out as a dinosaur that has not done your research.

The fear and stupidity is blinding, but then some people need a nanny state to tell them what to believe because they have lost their common sense or they drank the coolaid years ago and are too scared to question their own foolish decisions and they would rather live with the cognitive dissonance, and remain blinded by the mainstream narrative. We will all look back at this in years to come and say – what a gigantic error this pandemic was, this lockdown. More people died from the lockdown, and the poverty or depression, than from the fake virus. This engineered hoax upon humanity by the evil Gates and his cronies, who want to vaccinate and track and trace every human on the planet, will go down in history... oh wait, the victors write the history, so it may never make it to the records that it was a hoax, a fake pandemic, a lie, a false flag attack on humanity.

Nowhere will it state how the covid positive tests were done by dud kits, that the dead were falsely marked “covid” at the hospitals, at the demand of the state to inflate the figures. That most of the dead were elderly who die of flu annually in the tens of thousands anyway, that the hospitals were actually largely empty. My buddy in Atlanta USA even drove to his nearby hospital and found it mostly empty, so that’s a fact. I hope that I’m wrong about the historic narrative that our descendants receive about this hoax upon humanity. Maybe they will read these reports here on the blockchain, which are written by citizen journalists, in uncensorable territory, though I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

Even the Italy figures were normal annual flu deaths and they have a vastly ageing population that die form flu in those numbers annually as it is. Nothing unusual or extreme there. Similarly the deaths in other developed countries – they are standard mortality figures from seasonal flu and other conditions, none of it to do with any unusual virus. The hoax is so huge that it is almost too much to comprehend. The audacity. The criminality of our leaders. Surely you must be woke by now to see what a scam this is? Boomer or not, anyone who does a simple fact check, hears a few reports form PhD, or specialists globally, can find out the situation on the ground and realize this entire pandemic is fake.

To conclude, I am as fit as ever, I don’t even know a single person who contracted covid, let alone anyone dying of it. In my district there are apparently a grand total of about 5 cases. What a joke. The nation went bankrupt because a few people died of flu, the same amount that die from it annually anyway. It comes every year and mortality rates this year are just like previous years. The joke is on us my fellow citizens of Prison Planet. If you’re not woke after this, you may never be. If you still think this place is benign and has your best interests at heart, then you deserve to be here. Some people would rather be in a safe prison cell of a life under a nanny state who feeds them fake news and fake food and a fake reality, rather than find out who they really are and be free as a sovereign entity, with common sense under common law. Pay no attention to my ramblings. My ten sats worth for the day. Peace out.

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