Covid-19 lockdown day 59 – Goodbye world, your illusion had me fooled but only for a while

These past two months under hard lockdown has been the equivalent of house arrest, with a little allowance for shopping and recently an added three hours a day for outdoor exercise from 6-9am. It is enough to tax the hardiest minds. Psychologically the entire country and most of the planet has been stretched to their limit. This has been unprecedented in our lifetimes, so there is no preparation for this kind of occurrence. One day there was a rumor and the next there was our state president officially telling us to stay home or go to jail or be fined.

And here we are approaching the end of the second month, still sitting at home, with no income, no ability to continue the old career. We simply have to sit it out, go broke, penniless, and keep your distance. The reports are starting to emerge regarding the suicide rate going up as the pressure snaps the minds of some and the depression warps the minds of others. Alcohol and tobacco sales have been completely and totally banned for the past 60 days here, so those who partake are presumably feeling the symptoms of withdrawal and cold turkey.

Many of the lockdown laws seem counter-intuitive and antagonistic to each other, contradictory, illogical, and the repercussions appear worse than the rumor of the virus. The ripple effects have crippled the nation economically, as well as the individuals, and may set us back years, if it doesn’t kill us. Either you die of this apparent virus, or you die of depression, or you die of poverty-induced starvation or mental disease.

So how do we stay sane and keep our focus? How do we retain our human rights and our human needs as well as our dignity under these draconian and – some would say – fake pandemic laws? The disconnect is astounding. The realization that our leaders, who are supposed to be protecting and guiding the nation, seem to either have a personal power agenda, or are beholden to some global powers who have an even bigger agenda, is now crushing our hope and faith in humanity. Our faith in the goodness of human nature and civilization, has all gone out of the window.

It appears as if the elite are pulling the wool over our eyes, are pulling a big move, a massive con, a hoax upon the masses. It looks like this is a fake virus, of much less strength than was initially announced by the WHO with their mistaken prognosis. The theory was wrong, the estimates were way off. The stats were fudged. And this is enough to freak us out man, when we realize that the elite are lying to us knowingly, in order to kill us off via poverty, or global economic and psychological depression.

And if our leaders and protectors are so malicious and criminal in their abuse of the masses, then we are basically in a dictatorship, a gulag, a tyranny. Here in surreal South Africa, the government has been taken over by a “command control center”, an elite small executive, and not the elected president. Similarly in USA the presidency has been hijacked by the special task team, run by Pence and the criminal Dr Frankenstein, Dr Fauci, who is paid for and bought by Bill and Melinda Gates, and big pharma.

The weak-minded are melting into non-existence under the realization that they are like sheep to be sheared by the elite, and sometimes slaughtered. Welcome to the prison planet. Many have awoken; and become too distressed by the “reality” they have been living in. Others have been enraged by the theft of their liberties under this hoax of a pandemic, which is a normal SARS flu, that comes along every few years. We have had them before and they live with us all the time, as do multiple viruses. And we co-exist without the need for lockdown.

I believe this fake virus hoax was a cover for the inevitable global financial collapse and Great Depression of 2020. And I see it as a cover for the elite to implement the next level of their NWO agenda to clamp down on the masses and make this Planet China, under the dictates of the elite who will smash any peaceful Buddhist Tibet neighbor in their crime against humanity . One law for them and another law for the masses. I mean, when my country’s executive can make their lockdown decisions in their National Command Council behind closed doors, with zero need for justification or any rationale or explanation for their decisions, then I see it as the new China.

And after all, South Africa is totally sold out to China now. We are their vassal state. Even Australia lost Darwin Town’s major harbour to China, as did Pakistan lose their southern port to China. Many nations have been slowly bought out by China. And so the inevitable dictatorship is on the rise, and for the first time in modern history the dictatorship (whether Chinese or not) is now able to take over the entire planet, not just one country or one continent. This is massive, and the Covid-19 hoax was their way of ushering in the dictatorship swiftly. Here comes 5G surveillance, tracking and tracing, full spectrum surveillance of everyone via their smart phones or satellite or drone or chip implant. Or even worse monitoring via spies, your neighbor, your suburban inside pimp for the dictatorship. China is full of them. USSR used to have them – members of our own community who report us for anti-dictatorship activity. Nazi Germany would have had them – suburban spies, peeping out from behind their kitchen curtains, watching you break curfew, and reporting you for being too human.

This is a war, for the mind and for the heart of humanity. It is a war against us, against we the people by our own state, our own government. We are the enemy of the dictatorship. And our leaders are simply puppets of some bigger brother on the world stage, especially us here in our little emerging nations. Poorer nations have less power, and are obliged to sell out to their masters who own them via massive debt. Whether IMF or BRICS bank, we are owned. And under this state of affairs, the veil is dropping, and the illusion is being revealed. Many are realizing how illusory life on earth really is. Overnight, within a matter of days, the freedom of the entire planet, over 7 billion people, was seized and confiscated. That’s how it looks and feels to me.

All of this is nothing new to me and merely confirms what I had learned from my study of the Vedas, Vedanta philosohpy, the original Sanskrit texts of the planet, written down around 5000 years ago. The Vedas talk about this world as a place of illusion and an actual imprisonment for the eternal soul. For an eternal person, being placed into a temporary body makes no sense. It feels illusory, and it is, in the sense that it is temporary and we are eternal individuals, according to the Vedas. Matter and spirit are clearly described in works like Bhagavad Gita, a 700 verse epic segment of the 5th Veda, Mahabharata (history of greater India). buddha cave china pixa.jpg...weak wifi pic won't upload

We walk through life under the illusion that we are these temporary material bodies, that we are this mind. But we are neither. We are each individual eternal consciousness, with an eternal spiritual body, personality and nature. All of which is nothing like the body/mind we temporarily find ourselves in. And the current fake pandemic and imprisonment under lockdown are only bringing this clarity of consciousness home to me. I had refused to get overly involved in life from my youth already, having seen this place as a low grade existence compared to my real potential. And now I am really seeing the bogus fake villainous leaders pull their biggest move on us all.

If you thought 9/11 was a massive hoax, which it was, then this pandemic makes it look like a small practice run for this move. Fake news, or false flag attacks like this, are common among sociopathic leaders to fool their peasant masses and roll out dictatorial laws to imprison us all the more. Under false flag events, the elite have a reason to clamp down on us and also to hit out at their competitors. Last time – with 9/11 – it was the evil Muslims. This time it’s the evil Chinese. In between we have regularly had the evil Russians, of course. Well, today the Reds are joining up, and it’s going to be Russia plus China in a showdown with the Blues, the Zionist Mossad-controled West. Or something along those lines.

But what do I know? I’m just an observer who hears ideas being reported online. I could be even more under illusion than ever. I am simply writing my insights, my opinions and my thoughts on the state of the planet today. But don’t take my word for it. Do your own research. The Bhagavad Gita is the place to begin your investigation into matter and spirit, truth and illusion. I have read it several times over the past 30 years, along with long commentaries by Vedic scholars, and the conclusion is that this material world is not worth wasting your time, attention and energy over. This material world is the prison and our objective as humans is to find out how to leave, how to escape the prison, and never return.

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    I was only just meditating on illusion this afternoon. Never has it seemed so darn obvious..

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