My true love is no Valentine

golden revelation pixa.jpg My love on days like Valentine is like a hermit at his shrine I bow down to the god of love who showers us from up above

My love’s within also without s/he lives eternally all about can never be contained in man or woman for since time began

S/he dwells eternally on her throne I feel her when I’m all alone now seated in my heart of hearts he never ends and never starts

Eternity in but one day for ne’er time’s fool, beyond decay she’s anti-fragile, heart of gold eternally young, he ne’er grows old

True love lays until end of days when fleeting planet earth decays reposed composed eternally wed where others follow she has led

so let me not to minds mundane prescribe a love which wax and wane just like desire soon satiated confused for love that’s ne’er abated

For my true love eternally lives in consciousness, he freely gives how much in your heart can you hold of this pure love her depths untold?

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