Corona Virus Thailand Update- Health and Prevention

Corona Virus Thailand Update- Health and Prevention

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Much has been shared about Corona Virus and how it is affecting the world. But what can individuals do to protect themselves? Some people still have to go to work or are exposed when they go out shopping. What can a person to help “harden their immune systems” if they are exposed to the virus?

There are many blogs and videos out there and I MUST say that this is NOT medical advice. You can use Google to look up natural preventions and much has been said not only in blogs and videos but also news out China from doctors on the use of Vitamin C and Chaga Mushrooms.

It was shared that elderly people in China who had been taking Chaga mushrooms (pills, powder etc...) had not contracted the virus. How is that possible? Is it possible? We know mushrooms have medicinal properties and you can research for yourselves the benefits of Chaga.

A very common and easy vitamin to take is Vitamin C. Again, good reports out of China for vitamin c users and those who contracted the virus, they used large doses of Vitamin C.

Humans do not make vitamin c but animals do each day. We need Vitamin C for various health benefits as an anti-oxidant but it also has benefits vs colds and flus. Again, research proper dosage for your body type. The body can withstand large amounts of C up to “bowel tolerance”...which means you go to the bathroom.

Taken together, Chaga mushrooms and Vit C are a combo that some nurses not he front line are using. Again, google it yourselves and read the research. Never believe a single blogger or you tube about health The decision is 100% yours.

Of course when you go out you want to be protected from other people who have the virus or you spreading the virus. Common use of masks and face shields are literally life saving for some people. These are to be worn when you go outside.

In summary, there are natural remedies that we have to help our bodies fight colds/virus germs that we encounter. Chaga mushrooms and Vitamin C are just a few. Soon there will be more testing of vaccines and other treatments. But for now, each person needs to do their best in self-protection.

Thank you for reading and sharing. We are all learning in these difficult times of health and prevention. My best to all of you!

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  • @introvert-dime

    Wash your hands, keep distance with people and dont go out unnecessarily. Prevention is better than cure.

  • @mka

    a message for everyone please Stay home and stay safe!


  • @djohan

    you look well protected, stay safe