What a week! But one thing is for certain...This blockchain is truly remarkable. ...

... Thank you to everyone that posted, tweeted, attended the meetings behind the scenes and hung out in the Discord....You guy are what make Steem so amazing. I’m honored to be a part of this place!


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  • @russellstockley

    A great use of time. Community rocks

  • @karenmckersie

    Wow indeed!! This community Rocks!!

  • @moonappics

    I did everything I could, with our powers and knowledge. I'm glad you're here with us.

  • @trafficinsider

    I am all for a community coming together to dialog and try to form a consensus that most can support, my concern is that often mob mentality takes over and emotions do the talking and cloud the thinking.

  • @ph1102

    I just hope that this will be solved in this month... and that we can vote for other witnesses :D

  • @flaxz

    Yeah saying that it's been a crazy week is almost an understatement Jon, but community is great and so is popcorn.

  • @onealfa.appics

    So dissapointing to see some actice apiccs users are still voting for sock puppets... One thing I can asure - they will never get my upvote for any of their photo here on appics