Opting for disused wood is opting for tree care, build your projects in used wood.

Good morning dear friends. Welcome to another post of crafts, if you are a follower of my publications you will remember the commitment we have made to use the things we can the most, and prevent them from going to waste. We are determined to change some things, although it is small, it contributes to the environment.

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Tree trimming is very worrying, which is why we make rustic furniture to use discard wood, we intercept it before it reaches the garbage and we make it practical garden furniture

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There is no greater satisfaction than being able to do with your own hands the things you need at home, if you are one of them this post will enchant you. The furniture we build is made from old platforms. When you build you have the option of choosing which wood to work with, we opted for these old woods, it is a way of contributing to our trees.
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Today we are going to build two rustic garden tables, one of them will be one meter long, sixty centimeters wide, the other fifty centimeters wide by one meter twenty long .
In construction we will need six traverses , and seven one-meter timbers, plus six twenty-meter timbers, in addition, eight twenty-meter timbers for its legs. These measures used in construction is to be more in line with the banks
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Once the table tops are assembled, it's time to add a sturdy dowel to the bases, this is very necessary to grip the legs. At each end we present a block, we all arrange it in lines and hold it
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As you can see the cleats were very good, now we must present the legs, we do it to establish the correct opening, and verify the position, now we must fix the legs in place, we do it using a through screw that tightens both woods.
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We present the legs in place, once positioned we place the self-piercing that will fix them, each leg will be held by three of them to give more firmness. Once the legs are placed, we can see how the table is left
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We are very satisfied with what we have just done, both tables were finished and ready to put the oil that will protect the wood.

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As you can see, the tables were very good, soon they will be in a new home providing a service to their new owners. We have reused a six pods, if we had not rescued these pallets, other trees would have been cut to build these pieces of furniture. It is incredible that with this small action, we have saved some trees from being executed.



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