Bangkok Bound - Steemfest plans - Presenting

ANNOUNCEMENT: I'll be heading to SteemFest 4 I'll also be speaking at the conference.


I have only been to Asia once and that was to do a quick photoshoot in Tokyo. So that's the reason for this picture it's actually Japan ... because I haven't actually photographed Thailand yet.


I'm headed out in just over 2 days. Thanks to @smooth for the SteemFest ticket that was certainly an encouragement Thanks to @roleandp for a spot to give chat about the "STATE OF @STEEMPEAK"


Also I've been working hard on a general Steem presentation I'm calling "What do influencers want" All week i've been calling full time (and often pretty well known) youtubers and doing a survey and I'll be sharing the results of the survey in a 20 min speech.

The idea is that if we are interested in being a place for content creators what are some of the cool technologies and feature sets they would be most interested in. Not what we think they want... but a survey to actually see what excites them the most. If nothing the data I've been getting has really been so clarifying for me which will help for plans ... however this presentation is not about SteemPeak and I'm really hoping it's for dApps and Businesses to learn and understand how full time creators think and what they're most excited about... also share what they're having issues with in their other social media and what they're nervous about.

I still got a few more surveys to do and some practicing the presentation... I'm working hard to get it under 20 minutes which is hard because there is so much information to share.


The final straw that really got me to get on a 26 hour plane flight to Bangkok and spend a couple weeks away was when 2 of my friends decided they'd come and travel around Thailand with me AFTER SteemFest. Thanks Luke and Lorraine.

I leave the 5th and get back the 21nd Then i go straight to Canada for some photography


We're still taking suggestions for where to go. We have from the 11-20th to fill Places we've considered:

  • Chiang Mai
  • Phuket and islands
  • Da Nang, Vietnam

Some things to note is I'm a photographer and my friends like photography and are pretty decent (because i've taught them) we're all really flexible and probably all the type to change our plans quickly if given a unique opportunity. We don't require fancy resorts but also love a good deal when we see one. We don't drink and we're all pretty adventurous. We just got back from some pretty hardcore canyoneering/rappelling in Zion.

I'm so accustomed to traveling in places where i can have my truck or rent a car and just drive and maybe even sleep in the back at a cool sunrise spot. But this is different ... we for sure don't want to rent a car. But I guess mopeds could be a solid choice in some places.

Adding a second country is an option and we will likely focus on plane flights to save time since we're pretty limited. Also we don't want to spend too much money but looks like flights are like $40-70 which is fine. We'll all be packing light no check in luggage.

We know we'll miss more than we see and can't do it all... but at least it's a start so just gotta focus on probably 2 locations. I'm sure I'll be back at some future time.

Also Shanghai

2 of us opted for a 24hr layover in Shanghai so gotta figure out what to do for the day when we're there.


We got a good deal on a large suite at the Prince Hotel Tower I think it fits 4-6 people... i was a big fan because it had a balcony and to me that meant pictures. Only 2 of us will be there so if there is someone looking for a room this could be a nice and cheap option.


If you're going let me know.

  • Love to chat with SteemPeak users and see what they're thinking
  • Love to chat with other businesses and see what we can do together.
  • Love to go do photography with other photographers.
  • Love to just get to know better the people I interact with on Steem.

9000_8D09992Edit.jpg When i was in Tokyo years ago it was during cherry blossom festival which was pretty cool. This time I hear it will be during the lantern festival... so one question is do we run toward the festivities like in Chiang Mai or head away from the crowds?

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  • @uwelang

    Nice One, Enjoy the event, will check all #steemfest talks and travellers

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  • @intrepidphotos

    Cool. Wish I was going. Would love to see your presentation on the social influencer side of it. Will you be posting it up here?

  • @funnyman

    Already very excited about a lot of good content and presentations. Awaiting to hear the upcoming stuff.

  • @scottshots

    Have fun, super stoked for you! I hope the presentation gets recorded, it would be great to see...

  • @derangedvisions

    I will see you in a few days.

  • @wiseagent

    I won't go, but I think it will be awesome!

    Have fun, @jarvie.

  • @gtg

    24hr layover in Shanghai so gotta figure out what to do for the day when we're there.

    Definitely go to promenade at Huangpu river for the show of lights. Bring some decent wide angle with you :-)

  • @travelgirl

    See you there in a few days 😊😊

  • @bubke

    Nice, looking forward to see you!

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  • @jarvie

    @trafalgar No votes were bought or traded by me just fyi

  • @yoshiko

    It's a nice photo of Japanese cherry blossoms. How was your trip in Japan? Japan is a country where you can enjoy various seasons. Please come to Japan again;D

  • @intrepidsurfer

    Hello @jarvie , I watched your presentation live from Ecuador in the wee hours of the morning.

    I personally think your presentation had some of the biggest value and it really got me thinking. Where you go into youtuber needs, perceptions, awareness etc.

    Fascinating stuff really and every app on Steem should be taking note of what you said.

    With that being said, are you presentation slides available? Do you have a breakdown of the stats you collected?

    The reason I ask, is that I am in touch with dtube, steemleo, dporn etc. And I really see value in your work and how they can approach onboarding efficiently.

    Have fun in Thailand,


  • @sgt-dan

    I hope you had a good time at STEEMFEST4.

    I really liked your presentation. You are a very good speaker! Thank you and the Steempeak team. Your interface is hands down the best way to STEEM!

  • @kalam

    Hi, I dont know where to contact some support of peakmonsters, so I write here. I found bug on peakmonster, which can can be used to rob other people. I would like to describe it to someone, but not here, because of possible abuse. Can I contact you by email, Or discord?

  • @grampo

    Very useful insight. I hope you can make slides available for future references. Your research can help app developers and us at @waivio to focus on issues that matter to users the most.

    Also enjoyed your second presentation regarding SteamPeak development - very impressive results and great plans. You've got my upvote on SPS. Steem ecosystem needs more DevOps teams like yours!