Islam Is Incompatible With British Values

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A recent poll conducted by RT showed that 48% of British people thought Islam was incompatible with British values.

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  • @threespeak.com4

    Don't we already have Sharia court's & councils running parallel with British court's & councils? Why don't you think Sharia will never happen? Political Islam is very patient, I can almost see the future of Britain becoming Islamic to the core, if nothing is done about it now. It is a simple matter of numbers. The demographics are changing, Muslim child births are going up, when white European births are coming down.

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  • @ura-soul

    The 'democracy' in Britain has been totally fake for at least 100 years. I suggest researching the work of Ivy league historian Carrol Quigley for academic level recounting of the process, people and agenda that set this in place to this day.

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    Great work James. subbed and following on other social channels.