The Mountains of Anumun // Official Music for Splinterlands, Digital Art, and My Own Hero's Journey

You must clicky da pic to hear it

About a month ago, Aggy contacted me about the future of Splinterlands and the new music he wanted. He gave me a list of roughly 100 different types of scenarios in which he needed music. I was very excited about this as I had previously just been creating random music, mostly for battles.

But after the excitement began to fade, the fears started to set in. I started to feel overwhelmed. The fears are hard to define as they have become a confusing glob of emotional baggage that has congealed into a slimy mass in the corner of my mind that I can't seem to separate in order to express them.

I spoke a bit about this during @clayboyn's Coffee and Philosophy show on msp-waves. Clay, @mfxae86, and @littlescribe tried to help me sort through the congealed slimeball that had become my fears:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • Not feeling good enough
  • Creative freedom vs. creative pressure

My own analysis led me to the conclusion that I have become disconnected from music and I needed to find a way to reconnect.

I set out on my quest in the form of research as I had an idea in my head of how I wanted this music to sound and I wanted to make sure I had all the information I needed. I absorbed music from World of Warcraft, Skyrim, and The Legend of Zelda. I decided that I wanted the music to be orchestral with Industrial/Electronic elements. I also researched new sound libraries and purchased some amazing orchestral sounds.

I have spent weeks on this piece, stepped outside of my comfort zone into the land of fear and the unknown, and have come back to the other side with something I am truly proud of.

On top of all that, I've been suffering from the Plague Flu for the last week and I'm in a very fragile state at this point.

I feel like I'm literally falling apart.

So, please listen to it.

My cats will send you a personalized thank you letter.

I also created this digital art that represents the piece, which is the journey from the Village of Palavan to the Mountains of Anumun.

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    This is totally awesome, by the way. Perfection.

  • @rentmoney

    I listened to it all, good job.

    I like how it intensifies at around the 2.20 mark.

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  • @edouard

    Well and that's why I think when you tell Agsies to stop putting music on MSP waves he should listen! For me, that second part is still to hopeful (it feels like major key) but I'm nitpicking, I find the piece great!

  • @clove71

    Oh no, sorry you were sick that is horrible. I hope you doing better now. What an amazing song this is! I love this! Also, your digital art is outstanding, you are so talented!

  • @pardinus

    I think you can let go of your fears... the music is great! It would fit perfectly in a boss battle, with the slow start and growing in intensity. And thumbs up for the digital art too!

  • @podnikatel

    Beautiful pictures too... if you are playing too, you can look on my contest for 2 legendary cards + common giveaway and tutorial Fast levelling: From 354 to 1600 rank in 4 hours