4 Watchtowers (Veil Of Shadows) // My Original Creepy, Cinematic, Electro Track // Showcase Sunday

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In the shadow of the veil between dimensions, darkness destroys the light. Where the veil is stretched thin, ripped and torn, the army of light live to fight.

I often feel stuck in the lower, dense energy of my Earthly being where I can't feel the connection to the higher aspirations of my soul.

This piece is an exploration of those feelings.

The initial mid-range synth represents the lower dimensional negative energy that constantly flows like quicksand.

The sporadic sound effects are negative thought patterns that result from being in a state of lower vibration.

The string is the resulting emotion of that lower vibration.

And the piano is the soul seeking the light.

The dynamic intensity of the piece symbolizes the army of darkness battling the army of light.

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  • @vachemorte

    I love it <3

  • @icondark

    Awesome track!

  • @chireerocks

    @isaria, It's always about the Battle Between Darkness and Light and real force and source of energy are we Human Beings, and weight of energy depends upon which dimensions and levels we are vibrating.

    Have a abundant time ahead and stay blessed.

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  • @pandoranight

    Hi, I just heard yout work and I think is great, you have a nice style