The SMT setup emission operation explained

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  • @cryptocurator

    Great work @howo looks impressive explanation. I am non technical and followed your commentary pretty well.

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  • @borislavzlatanov

    Thanks for doing all this.

    Are you going to compile all the documentation you're creating in some more formal way? Like @intertia's documentation website?

  • @jekhy

    Thanks for the post.

  • @sanat

    Great work, I am sure community developers will find these tests and infos useful

  • @crypto.piotr

    Amazing piece of work @howo

    I'm far from capable to understand all technicalities, however I can roughly see how useful this content can be for many.

    Upvote on the way. And will vote on your sps proposal in a minute.

    Would you mind telling me if blockchain is your passion or is your work somehow related to this topic as well? Just curious :)

    Yours, Piotr