How to build your own testnet and test the smt hardfork yourself

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  • @clixmoney

    Is there a way to test that for non developers ?

  • @crowseye

    Big labor, respect ! Thanks for sharing !

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    Thanks for keeping up the good work.

  • @chesatochi

    Instead of making too much testing and continue to put a delay, I believe it is about time to make it happen.

  • @jeff-kubitz

    Very well laid out article with step by step - great! Are you running straight linux and do you know can this work with windows 10, ubuntu for windows? Note I was able to get eosio running well on windows 10 with ubuntu for windows so I was just wondering. Thanks

  • @adityaphra

    Thanks for sharing !

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    amazing inputs

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    thanks for information

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    each and every step is understandable thanks

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    wow this is really very detailed, thanks for great work

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    I wish i could learn about this kind of thing. Im not understand but i think it must be important to steem.

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    Great work, this should be referenced in official portal as additional resources...

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    This is amazing

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