Downvote control tool proposal delivery #2


if you are not familiar with the tool, here's the initial post :

Two weeks have passed and everything is going as planned. I have finished pretty much all of the biggest features.

You can already find all of the updates live on

So here's the new features added this week :

Vote with your voting power

This one was heavily requested by @transisto. It allows you to set a threshold in order to limit the voting power you use when you do upvotes (if you counter downvotes). And it also allows you to use your voting power to downvote. It's very useful for those of you who use all of their downvoting power and want to keep downvoting.

Voting mechanism overhaul

This one was a big one, I basically reworked the whole way voting worked internally to approximate the new curve. This allows you to approximate as much as possible the vote you are either trailing or countering. This is a big advantage you have more steem power than the vote you want to counter because you will use almost exactly enough voting power to counter his vote instead of just voting with a ratio.

This means no more overdownvoting and more downvotes for you !

Here's a practical example :

Let's assume my vote is worth 1$. I am countering the upvotes another user which has a vote worth 10 cent with a ratio of 0.5.

Previously if the user upvoted with 100%, I would downvote with the same percentage * ratio, so 50%. which is way overkill since I would then send a 50 cent downvote to counter a 10 cent upvote. Now the system would calculate that I only need to downvote with 5% to counter half of his upvote (because of the 0.5 ratio). Leaving me with a ton of voting power that I can use for other things !

Preparation for a future history feature

I have started to store locally in a database all of the votes that were done through the tool in order to create a dashboard where people can see which votes the tool has done and easily unvote if you think something was a mistake.

Should I still do the bidbot percentage ?

In the original proposal I put this specific feature :

"In #newsteem culture, stacking bidbots is discouraged, this is an option that will allow you to set a ratio of bidboted rewards vs organic rewards when countering upvotes. And if the ratio of organic to bidboted is too high, youโ€™ll downvote.

This option will be available for all of the current downvoting options (trail downvotes and counter upvotes)."

The issue is that there are two types of bidbots, transparent ones where you just delegate, those are easy to spot. And vote seller, ala smartsteem, minnowbooster etc. The issue with those is that finding out which voter is an organic vote and which one is a sold vote is near impossible. So this feature would most likely only harm the "transparent" bidbots, which will make them evolve into hidden bidbots like minnowbooster/smartsteem. Which will obviously not be positive for the ecosystem. Ultimately I think it's better to let you manually set which accounts you want to downvote (counter upvotes) without having this "bidbot percentage" feature which will basically always be unreliable. Which makes this feature useless. Same goes for the "clean trending" feature.

I will replace those features with other ones obviously.

That's it for this week. If you like what I do please consider voting for our witness @steempress and for the downvote control tool proposal :


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  • @traciyork

    Awesomeness, @howo! Thanks for the update. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • @dr-frankenstein

    Thanks for your work. Do you have an ETA for the hit list? (posts/comments)

  • @wakeupkitty

    I doubt it will help me. I am not even downvoting twice a week. I will not start hunting for it either. By now I see people downvote for all kind of reasons.

    It would be great if you start your post with a short introduction so new readers like me also know what you are talking bout.

    Happy Saturday. ๐Ÿ’•

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  • @enjoykarma

    ..thank you for your continuous work, glad to be a part of this awesome project...talking about downvoting it still makes sense, but I donโ€™t use it..before I would downvote, real dirty things have to happen..and I m still learning every day, so many details..anyway, will vote for witness for you..thx again, steem on..

  • @ganjafarmer


    I'd love to understand this but this is just wow.... Not sure I want to try to understand this

    But just oh well if you are not paying with a big delegation to a group you don't get the right to do what you want with your money?


    These proposals suck. Counter this with that... Why?

    Why all the attacks and flags...

    Honestly just some bullshit to me. Running off real people trying to grow.

    And the real issues with bidbots being abused? You totally ignore those people.

    But hey if you got enough stake just sit back and earn curation....

    Sigh this isn't going well newsteem is just a flagwar.

  • @transisto

    It's not clear to me if for example I need to set the first number to 0 to be able to use downvotes with the remainder part of the primary pool.

  • @mattsanthonyit

    Great work you just did. Bravo ๐Ÿ‘

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  • @nickyhavey

    Whilst I'm not convinced downvote tools are the way to do things here (and I haven't tried out the tool, only going of some users of it that I know), I'm downvoting due to a disagreement with the rewards the post has (over $120 at time of writing comment).

    I'd much rather we give feedback to the users of posts we downvote rather than having a "negative curation trail" where people are downvoting things they haven't read (and yes, same could be said for positive curation trails).

    Still a long way to go with this change in mentality and education on the steem platform in terms of the rewards pool in my opinion.

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  • @rkowen

    Thanks for the update.

  • @junnel123

    I'm interested on the counter to downvotes. Because some are abusing downvotes. I encountered it once... I earned .45$ from my original content but it was downvoted by someone which reduce the amount to 0.05$.

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  • @sonnyc12318

    Power is something that needs to be dealt with carefully.

  • @ganjafarmer


    How isn't this being considered abuse?

  • @pennsif

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  • @zua-khan

    Chek.. Sir, Y given me, Down vote, my All post is my original, but This not Right


  • @kingscrown

    yep, downvotes work

  • @jekhy

    Thanks for the post.