Chinese Blockchain policy adjustment! From 2020-01-01, the "virtual currency mining" will be deleted from the "eliminated industries" in the new version of China's Guiding Catalogue of industrial restructuring

Since January 1, 2020, <China's Guiding Catalogue of industrial structure adjustment (2019 version)> has deleted the "virtual currency mining" which is listed in the phase out industry in it's draft!

This means that the Chinese government's view of blockchain has changed greatly.

BTC's market also rose from the bottom after new year's Day 2020. The Chinese government's shift from banning and cracking down to encouraging and support may create a new round of bull market.


In the previous draft, "virtual currency mining" was clearly listed as "elimination industry": mining.png

In the official draft, it has been deleted.

In addition, EOS began to preheat voice, which also boosted the rise of steem market. The ecological application of blockchain began to move from hype to every corner of life. Social networking and content websites are undoubtedly the new hot industry of blockchain after finance, gambling and games

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