Reflections in the puddles

Today, I want to share some street pictures i captured after the rain stopped one day after pouring continuously for the days. It was the time of late morning when the sun was shining above the head and instead of people, my focus this time was on the road puddles that reflected the surrounding nature in magical ways.

DSC_4791.jpg DSC_4736 2.jpg DSC_4782 1.jpgPSX_20200225_223040.jpg DSC_5722_1.jpg DSC_5332 1.jpg DSC_5003 1.jpg DSC_4982 2.jpg PSX_20200226_224659.jpg PSX_20200222_140100.jpg PSX_20200225_215348.jpg PSX_20200225_182329.jpg PSX_20200227_084026.jpg PSX_20200222_175459.jpg PSX_20200227_182137.jpg PSX_20200224_233326.jpg DSC_4813.jpg DSC_4799.jpg PSX_20200224_234104.jpg PSX_20200226_225530.jpg

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  • @marcybetancourt

    Wow what spectacular photos especially the first images I really congratulate you on these fancy reflections. Thanks for sharing this artistic work @himalayannomad