We Are The Virus

We Are The Virus Digital Art 2020

This is specifically about those who hoard products and increase the price to an unfair amount.

This COVID-19 crisis makes us wonder: is the virus really infecting humanity or is it us humans that's infecting ourselves? What's going to kill us? The virus, or human's greediness? Those humans who are sick in their minds, I think, are far more dangerous than the virus itself... And it shows.

When there was an announcement about a suspected coronavirus patient here in my country, people bought masks from the stores and two hours after, it got sold out. Now, some fucking opportunists hoarded masks and was selling them online for 250 pesos per PIECE even though original price was just around 5 pesos. Of course those who truly needed the masks were at risk cos they all hoarded the masks. People on the internet quickly shamed those who were trying to sell those though.

Now, the coronavirus has become pandemic and most countries are in lock down. In my country, people hoarded on alcohol and hand sanitizers and of course, also tried to sell them online. These assholes. Some people are hoarding not for the purpose of selling, but just to hoard because OOHH we gonna die fucking paranoid. They didn't realize that getting all those alcohols left the others with no disinfectants. Thus, making the virus spread easily cos they can't protect themselves.

I can say that how we react to the virus (psychologically) will be the one killing us than the virus itself. I hope they are happy with the shit they hoarded.


The process with making this piece was not easy. I had to create several layers of GIF to have that effect. I had to group the layers and name them each (which I RARELY do LOL) just to avoid confusion.

The figure is from an oil painting that I have abandoned from last year. I don't know what else to add there and I'm still thinking of how to improve it. So I just left it at peace. I felt it's gonna be a perfect for the GIF so I just took a photo of it and added it there.

blue green.png

we the virus.jpg

Then I experimented on it.

we the virus2.jpg

I initially added those white thing in the background and the money just being in random places but I figured it was too much because there were lots of movements.


I removed the white thing and changed the background color to black just to see how it looks like. Meh, I think the money was looking boring.

Then I changed the background and put the money in something like a factory looking shit. Which is the final one.

It has been a wild ride for Steem. See you on the other side.

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  • @fotostef

    See you there!

  • @offgridlife

    That is awesome art. .... stay safe.

  • @mamalikh13

    And we are a crazy monkey too!!! :D We don't know what the hell we are doing, but we just do what works and apparently hoarding important stuff works for those motherfuckers! It seems like everyone is moving on with the hive thing huh?!

  • @in2itiveart

    humanity is a parasite on the earth... well- humanity under mind-control is that - and it is mind-controlled by the el-ites - and most of us are asleep at the wheel.

  • @armandosodano

    Here we still do not have masks and medical devices for doctors and nurses and they are also dying. The EC seems to have forgotten about Italy.